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Europe » Greece » West Greece » Olympia December 29th 2022

After a wonderful hike yesterday, it was time to leave our cozy Kaza guesthouse and head down the mountains to Olympia, birthplace of the Olympics. But first, we had to navigate the twisty-turny, barely two-lane roads down to the coast. Ken took the driving duties and did a great job maneuvering around blind corners, with massive drops to the cliffs below. At one very cute village, hanging off the cliffs (a theme the past few days) we decided to stop, enjoy a coffee and check out the festive shops. In this area they are known for their honey, and surprisingly homemade pasta. We stocked up on both, including some jars of yummy walnuts and pistachios in honey. While Google maps advised it was 1.5 hours to Olympia, it took over 2.5 (including the stop) which gives ... read more
Athlete Entrance to the Olympic Stadium
Original Olympic Stadium - On your Mark, Get ready...Go!
View from our hotel to the Agean Sea

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Olympia June 21st 2022

What a day! After a wonderful breakfast we made our way to the home of the Olympics where we spent most of the day touring and learning about the history and mythology of the area. I didn't personally sprint through the stadium but you bet your boopy other Americans in the area did! After a brief stop at a famous bridge we drive through to Delphi where we find ourselves tonight. I have pictures for you!... read more

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Olympia May 14th 2017

Well you have to do it don't you? Stand on the starting line for the 200 yard dash in the stadium in Olympia where it all started. All as in the Ancient Olympic Games and the modern version we all know and love. Queue music - Vangelis - Chariots of Fire and it's off you go. Running naked as the day you were born trying to beat other naked men. Olympia was on the way home as we are now wending our way slowly back to Igoumenitsa. Finding the ancient site was not easy. We mistakenly ended up at the car park of Camping Atreus where we intended to stop the night. The lady owner ran up the path as we turned round to try again for the archaelogical park. Parking in the end was relatively ... read more
they wouldnt be out of place in a modern gym
Some kind of throwing device
One of the many temples in Olympia

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Olympia October 19th 2016

Day 28 - Wed. Oct. 19 - Port of call: Katakolon, Greece. Weather: Partly sunny - temperatures of 70°F/21°C Today we stopped in the town of Katakolon, which is situated in the northwest portion of the Peloponnese. This town serves as the harbour for the regional capital of Pyrgos but also provides the gateway to Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic Games in 776 BC. The Olympic games were considered an integral part of ancient Greek society. Every four years men from every city state would travel to Olympia to compete in athletic competitions to honour the king of the gods, Zeus. Due to natural disasters and the destruction of the site by Theodosius, Ancient Olympia is mostly comprised of foundations, columns and steps, or as the Location Guide Brett says “piles of stone some more organized ... read more
Rebuilt column

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Olympia October 2nd 2016

Another early start. Overnight we have reached the port of Katakalon, Greece, but our destination is Olympia. On the bus with our local guide Greg. It's a 40-minute drive to Olympia, and he provides the historical background to what we are about to see. The ancient Olympic Games started in Olympia around the 8th century B.C. and ran more or less continuously every four years for 1200 years. The games were ultimately banned by the Christian Byzantine empire and the buildings destroyed. The entire site was lost to history, completely covered by silt and vegetation until excavations started in the late 19th century. And in 1896, the Olympic Games were reborn with a more modern aesthetic. Every since, the Olympic torch is ignited here on the ancient site of Olympia, then transported to Athens, and finally ... read more
Ruins of Temple of Zeus
The Phlippeion
Nike of Paionios

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Olympia September 11th 2016

Walked from hotel to archeological site of the Olympic Games. It's a huge area and is amazing what has been dug up. The Germans were the first to dig up this site. The dig is still ongoing. Next, on to Athens. The countryside is very lush, lots of olive trees, NB. The olives over here are completely different to ours at home, these are delicious, not salty. Sometimes they have to prop up the branches as they are dripping in olives. We passed two nuclear power plants, quite close to one another. The temperatures so far have ranged from 22 to 38cel, but not muggy. Every now and then, we have passed solar farms. (Has got Warren thinking about the future of our paddock.) We had a lovely lunch of fish n chips, fish fresh out ... read more
Stone blocks are made up of shells

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Olympia June 12th 2016

Our first excursion today. Weather sunny. We had booked a small tour privately for our visit to Ancient Olympia. We drove through the countryside past mountains of plastic bags filled with rubbish on the side of the road. Apparently the dump is full and a new site cannot be agreed on so it is being collected from the region and dumped in the countryside. We first visited the Museum of Archaeology as our small group had arrived before the larger buses. A great museum and we were lucky to have it almost to ourselves. The museum holds a 4th century statue of Hermes of Praxitelis and many other relics and statues excavated from the site. We then walked to the site of Ancient Olympia where the first Olympic games were held in 8th century BC. Overtime ... read more

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Olympia September 27th 2015

We had an early morning tour and we both slept until our 5:00 AM alarm. We went to the Lido for a quick breakfast, but Sharon forgot “something” and asked me to go through the line to get her scrambled eggs. After quite some wait, I also got “her” a couple of sausage patties. I looked all over for muesli, but there was none out for guests. I settled for some Irish oatmeal; but, there were also no bananas out for guests. I’m still trying to figure out how you go to breakfast without your teeth; but, I guess it happens. I’m just saying… Something new for us on Holland America Tours was that they had us sit in the Showroom as on many other ships, but they waited until a group was ready to disembark ... read more
Columns from the Gymnasium
Column from the Temple of Zeus

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Olympia July 10th 2013

Monday 8th july, heading on the ferry to mykonos which is meant to be party island, bit nervous and excited. In greece we had pasteries called baklava which was yummy, the best food i have had so far is in Greece, last night we had misaka and taziki yum!. So far i have started picking up the ausi accent, not happy about it, but got them liking nz sounds. Apparently a cactus by the door is good luck, which is what we had at the plim flat so we'll keep that up. Yesterday we went to the corirth canal in greece which was quite cool, i got some good photos on my camera. We got some more new people last night one more boy and 4 girls so now we have four boys all together poor ... read more

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Olympia June 26th 2012

Very low key day. The nice thing about Olympia is that it's small enough for you to walk to all of the main sites. Don't have to worry about missing a bus. So took my time in the morning getting down to Ancient Olympia. The one bad/annoying thing, though, was all of the tour buses. These are the people that swoop in in the mornings, are herded around, do stupid things, and then drive off after a couple of hours in their massive buses. They give true meaning to the travel term, "ugly American" (although the most annoying are actually the Italian groups). Once the big groups left, a handful of people remained, and Ancient Olympia is large enough where you don't really run in to the same person twice. Enjoyed the Stadium the best. This ... read more
Famous Stadium Gate
The Race-track
The finish line

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