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Europe » Greece » Thrace » Alexandroupoli August 6th 2014

Second day/night at Ismaros hotel It was even hotter when we got up today. Catherine sat outside on the porch where we had played cards before everyone else was up and by the time she came in she was baked! Our first breakfast here and we managed 4 out of 5 which isn't bad. Pancakes were great the coffee ok and the rest pretty mediocre - but that was as expected. We were almost the last in breakfast - and by the time we had finished they were packing away. We had seen lots of brown signs indicating sites of interest before we arrived at the hotel so we went out to look at some of them. The first was an ancient amphitheatre which had been destroyed in 1906 when they used the stone for a ... read more

Europe » Greece » Thrace » Alexandroupoli September 13th 2012

Hello, hello mindenkinek, rég nem jelentkeztem, a nyár igen nagy változásokat, átalakulásokat hozott, így innentől a menetrendszerű, germán precizítással mindent rögzítő bloggolás helyett az új, spontán írásé lesz a tér, tükrözve azt, amit az életemben is szeretnék: sokkal jobban a pillanat igényeinek megfelelően élni, és kevésbé a már-már folytogató, saját magam felé támasztott elvárásoknak megfelelően. Ennek égisze alatt íme az uj email címem, ha valaki szeretne írni:, és egy kis szösszenet a Flórával megjárt görög túráról, mely augusztus végétől szeptember elejéig tartott. Kellemes kocsiúttal kezdődött, Kisnyalkán megismert képbenlevős útitársainkkal, Attilával és Franceskával szeltük át a végtelenül unalmas E75-ös autópályán a leperzselt, leharcolt, kitikkadt Szerbiát, majd a dé... read more
Zozó és teki a Sunshine Houseban
Utban Samotraki felé

Europe » Greece » Thrace » Alexandroupoli November 9th 2010

Well folks its time to sample the wonders of the great and historic country that is Greece and all the modern day pearls of driving on Greek roads. After all the driving through Europe and Turkey it never stops to amaze me how drivers only apply the rules of the road that suits their particular needs. I have to say I have went native a few times myself to survive with lots of hand gestures and mutterings. Our Greek adventure started in Alexandroupoli a reasonable sized town close to where we crossed over from Turkey. We spent two days here and had some nice walks along the seafront but the weather had taken a turn for the worse and we had to break out the wet weather gear that hadn't been used in months. Its a ... read more
That boxing mans house
Eunice lecturing
Built to last

Europe » Greece » Thrace » Alexandroupoli October 13th 2009

Total Distance Cycled: 357km We were off to Greece today. We weren’t sure about what expect for hills but at least we knew we had a 300m drop in elevation. Unfortunately, 100m of that came from just getting out of Malkara! I hadn’t even got out of town, when I realized that the small repair I made to my gears yesterday had created more problems than I had fixed. Over countless stops I finally got my gears working enough to get to our end destination. While we had to deal with traffic and hills on the first two days, today would all be about wind. It started right at the start and it didn’t stop for the next two days… We just geared down, put the headphones on, and just grinded away. The rest of Turkey ... read more
Granite Street Corner
Greek Fast Food

Europe » Greece » Thrace » Alexandroupoli October 13th 2009

OK I'm done my bitching from yesterday - As you might have been able to tell, yes I was pretty grumpy. After a nice dinner (actually the food was not too great but I didn't care) and a long sleep - I am MUCH happier today. We got up this morning around 6 and the wind was just a howling. Thankfully, Barry decided it was a good idea to stay put. It is actually probably borderline dangerous winds. So I'm glad about being able to spend another day here. Alexandroupolis is a cute little city situated on the Aegean Coast, about 20 or so Km from the Turkish border in a region called Thrace. An interesting region at that – historically it has been a big melting pot of Greeks, Turks, nomadic (gypsy-like) tribes and Slavic ... read more
The Marble Street Curbs of Alexandropolis

Europe » Greece » Thrace » Alexandroupoli October 12th 2009

I probably jinxed myself with my last entry when I said I was thankful we weren't cycling INTO the wind. Today can go down in the record books as being the worst winds I have ever cycled into. I honestly didn't think we were going to make it into Alexandroupolis. Barry had Bike trouble; we lost about an hour with that. We were still climbing a bit and then the winds started blowing out of the South. Not just blowing a bit.... But freakishly blowing. I wouldn't be surprised if they were over 50km wind gusts. We finally crossed the border around 1pm with still 50Km to go. We got a really warm welcome on the Greek side. The cycling was just torture for the rest of the day. Nothing more to say. TORTURE. I just ... read more

Europe » Greece » Thrace » Alexandroupoli June 10th 2009

Vergina to Alexandropolis we rode 250 miles or so along the Odos Egnatia and stopped 45 miles from the border. We are staying in a cheap portside hotel which seems clean enough. It has good air conditioning and our room is quiet. It did have at least one mosquito but Ashley killed it. It was a long, hot ride with no real breaks though the scenery was dramatic in parts. We passed a town called Drama but didn't stop to take photos. Ashley did very well riding into town and getting his head around the chaos driving here. This town is fairly crazy. At around 10 everyone comes out of their houses and eats souvlaki at a restaurant. It gets smelly and smoky and loud. We enjoyed this for a while then came back to the ... read more

Europe » Greece » Thrace » Alexandroupoli July 20th 2008

Tag 24 bis 32, 6.100 km von Galway Hello aus Alexandroupoli in Griechenland. Wir haben es erst einmal 5 Tage ganz ruhig angehen lassen und uns von Bulgarien direkt auf die Halbinsel Sithonia in Chalkidiki verduennisiert, um uns in der Sonne zu waelzen. Bei ueber 30 Grad im Schatten waere alles andere auch Mofafahrerquaelerei gewesen. Wir waren auf einem netten Zelti, der unter Olivenbaeumen direkt am Strand lag. Abends oder vormittags haben wir dann kurze Abstecher ins Hinterland der Halbinsel oder in die naechste Ortschaft gemacht. Das Essen ist in Griechenland wirklich sehr lecker und so waren wir oft in Strassenrestaurants Abendessen. Man hat die Qual der Wahl aus zahlreichen Salaten oder anderen Vorspeisen und jeder Menge Fisch und Gegrilltem. Ja die Griechen grillen sehr viel, sind ausgesprochen sympatische Leute. :-) An dem Tag, an dem ... read more
Sideroads of Sithonia
Nice views everywhere

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