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April 18th 2006
Published: April 19th 2006
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The Greek people talk with their hands, passion, waving about, I was wandering around the streets of Athens and caught a netted football match. They are worse than the English, more shouting and waving than playing. In my first three days here I saw two cab drivers get accosted for stopping in the median, several people slam payphones and men sipping coffee presumably to restore the vocal cords, but its not anger that drives it.
But the kitty incident was too much, for a block and a half I followed behind two men vigorously shouting, screaming almost, waving hands furiously. One man had a furry object wrapped up in a plastic bag, bits poking out. When I overtook them, to my amused horror I saw a cute, terrified face of an orange kitten on the ride of its life. I can only guess the plastic bag was for the piss that was shook out of it.

Bike parts from Israel, parts from Greece, and in the post which I pick up in the morning, the last pieces from Austria. A pain in the ass but I cant wait to start riding. While I was in Mykonos I ran into a professional photographer, Rick Gunn, ( who is a veteran of several years of touring, besides the wheels he gave me the thumbs up on my equipment and expectations and got me even more excited to hit the road.
Waiting for the gear I took the bike to the islands to ride around and kill time, you can't really visit Greece without hitting the beach. Cold was the theme in the islands though, I picked up a bit of a sore throat from sleeping by the beach, whipping winds and low temps I was impressed with the holiday makers defiantly hitting the beach in bikinis and goosebumps.

Next post from the road...

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A weekday strollA weekday stroll
A weekday stroll

I was off the tourist map on the bike when I found this square. One of the nicest places I visited in Athens.
Look awayLook away
Look away

Finally a hot mannequin, after being in Asia and the rainbow screamers I'm scarred for life. Mostly I met Americans on short hollidays, these two gals were pretty funny even though I gave them a complex about saying 'Like' too much.
6 am and I cant carry it anymore6 am and I cant carry it anymore
6 am and I cant carry it anymore

In Sytagma square I shamelessly left the box.
1st day out on the bike1st day out on the bike
1st day out on the bike

Easy cruising in Athens, so much fun. Hope I say the same with bags.
72 kph on the bike72 kph on the bike
72 kph on the bike

The islands were cold, and very windy. I set out for a five hour ride alternating between a standstill or just ripping around corners.
Even the streets are painted.Even the streets are painted.
Even the streets are painted.

Large cobblestones are traced with a thick brush of whitewash.
Yeah well.Yeah well.
Yeah well.

Over the past year I've tried on many girls coats. Always seems funny.
Plaka cafePlaka cafe
Plaka cafe

Just below Acropolis, dining al fresco in uneven alleys are a must.
Use those handsUse those hands
Use those hands

After watching this pick up match for 45 minutes I left with the impression that they enjoy bitching more than playing.
Herod Atticus Herod Atticus
Herod Atticus

Still in use for the Hellenic festival starting in June.
Seen this one beforeSeen this one before
Seen this one before

The other side is covered with machines and metal.

19th April 2006

I leave for Greece In a week! So sad to hear it's chilly...but Im sure it is still pretty.
26th April 2006

great photos
5th May 2006

you kept your promise
i'm happy to see meghan, me, and our favorite manican has made your blog. the pics are amazing...when i have more time i'm going to have to look at all your entries. hope the bike is treating you well, and travel safely!

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