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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini May 8th 2007

Hello again. Just for something different, I'm adding even more to the travel blog! Despite enjoying being able to show you all the pictures of the places we have seen etc, a lot of time & hard work goes into creating the travel blog, & I sometimes feel a bit tired when we come home from somewhere amazing & I pretty much sit straight back down at the computer to recount the tale. It's really rewarding though, & now that we have a new digital camera, hopefully some of the photos will be much nicer for you to look at. Don't forget to give us an email sometime - we still miss you! Our recent visit to Santorini (in the Greek Islands), was certainly beautiful & unforgettable (especially for Vaughan). It was fantastic to finally ... read more
Outside our Room (looking up to the restaurant/other rooms), Finikia's Place, Oia
Finkia Pussy Cat (one of three), Oia
Night Swim, Anyone?, Finikia's Place, Oia

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos May 6th 2007

Hey Everyone, We just wanted to make a quick entry so that we could include some pictures of Mykonos. It is absolutely amazing here! After we signed off yesterday, we rented a quad and have been touring around the island ever since. It is super cool to have total freedom to go wherever we want to. I have never done anything like this while travelling and it is such a thrill for both of us. We headed to this little quiet secluded beach yesterday after getting the quad called Kapari. It was so amazingly beautiful and romantic. The sun was shining on the water in this little cove hidden away from the rest of the island. I fell asleep suntanning while Kim just relaxed but it was awesome. Today (this is Kim speaking) we got ... read more
The view from our room
Little Venice

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini May 6th 2007

Our last stop in the Greek Islands After leaving upper class Mykonos and the party island Ios, it was time to go to Santorini - a place that is somewhere in between the two lifestyles we had already experienced. Unlike our trip between Mykonos and Ios, on a slow and painfully boring ferry, we were able to go to Santorini by hydrofoil. The journey took less than an hour. In fact it took longer to get from the port to our villa than it did travelling along the water. Santorini is nearby to a volcano. One side of the island has steep, black cliffs and the other side is completely flat, which is probably the most interesting aspect about it. We stayed in a little villa about a 25 minute walk from the town. There ... read more
Old port
Our tour boat

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos May 5th 2007

Hey all! Mykonos est tres belle! It's amazing here. Picture perfect Greece. We both agree that when you think of Greece, this is what you think of. Sorry no photos today, we forgot to bring our camera cord and we are in a little cafe lost somewhere in the streets. We might head to the beach later today, but its already 4:30 and we have had a TON of sun already. But we are going to rent a quad soon (safer than those crazy scooters) and maybe we will jet around the island to find some beaches for tomorrow. We found a nice Catholic church here for mass tomorrow night at 7:30, we can't wait! It's white and with the blue dome overlooking the Aegean. So yesterday we took the ferry to Mykonos. As soon as ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes May 5th 2007

Well I arrived safe and sound in Sunny Rodos, no major problems with flights, although they still are very strict with liquids in your hand luggage so be warned anyone flying out in the near future. I would certainly recommend going via London Gatwich again as no problems there in doing the transfer and all my luggage arrived at the same time as me (even though I did fly B.A!!) Feels like I've been here for weeks, but this is only the start of my 3rd day! It is a lot hotter today (been very windy over past couple of days). Am going to Kos next week for a few days with my friends, taking the boat and staying in a rather nice hotel - (hang the expense!!) Well that's all for now, off to ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes May 3rd 2007

After a mammoth 13 hour bus ride, I arrived on the coast in Marmaris and booked my ferry ride across to Greece. After another 4 hour wait, I was off, and a couple of hours later I was on Greece soil. The first sight was of big medieval walls surrounding the city, which was pretty cool. I wandered around and went into the first accomodation place I found and it turned out to be the top budget hostel in the Lonely Planet guide! Score! The rest of the day was spent doing a bit of exploring around the medieval cobbled streets. It turns out that this is the oldest lived in Medieval city in the world. Very cool. The following day, no one told me, but it was a public holiday and basically nothing was ... read more
View from Marmaris
Avenue of the Knights
Grand Master's Palace

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos April 25th 2007

I've been told, by people wiser than myself, that traveling is not just about wandering the globe, soaking up sights and experiences that one cant get back home, but its also about self descovery. Finding out what kind of person you are, weather your the type that wants a nice hassle free trip, bereft of the unexpected with everything planed out, or if your the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type, who makes no plans or reservations, but figures it out as you go allong. in my case it was a happy mix of the two. But I leared something eles about myself, on the island of Mykonose, on the days where the sun was obsucred by a thin layer of clouds, enough to take the bite off, and the wind was blowing hard enough to cool the normaly ... read more
rocky coast of mykonos
rocky coast of mykonos
more coast line

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Ios April 18th 2007

The best way to describe Ios is just simply "awesome". After experiencing the expensive and slightly pretentious Mykonos, Ios was a great change. It was just so relaxed there every day. There was no need to do anything more than just sit by the beach or pool, reading a book. While not as pretty as some of the other islands, as far as the town centre goes, Ios has a lot going for it. We stayed at a hotel right on Mylopotas Beach and the hourly buses heading into the village and the port stopped right outside. Needless to say it was much easier getting around on Ios. The beach was absolutely amazing too, with beautiful crystal-clear waters. It wasn't hot enough to jump in for a swim, but it was comfortable enough to sit ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos April 17th 2007

Our first stop in the Greek Islands! In hindsight, it was probably never going to be the best idea arriving somewhere new in Greece on Easter Sunday! Everything was closed! There was little to do except partake in a pricy (at 35 euro per head) traditional Greek Easter lunch at our hotel. We also got a bottle of wine, which were meant to pay for on check out, but in the end they never charged us for it. Ah well, you can't say no to free grog! The location of our hotel also presented some problems, as it was so far away from anything. The hotel had regularly shuttle buses going in and out of the town, but that only got you half way to all the beaches. So on one of the days, we ... read more
Kim at beach
Kara at beach
Kim on bike

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos April 16th 2007

After a light night out in the Athens hostel, we took to the sea early the next day. The metro system to the port was simple and there are plenty of people selling delicious “doughnuts” in the streets for breakfast right next to the port. Had some breakfast doughnuts, bought a ferry ticket, and jumped on that boat with anticipation of some famous Greek Island, Mykonos. Naturally the ferry ride was packed filled with sleep, card playing, and a little sightseeing. Upon our arrival, we were immediately struck by a man offering us somewhere to stay (like we have heard). He continued to tell us that he had a place on Paradise Beach for twenty euros a night. About two seconds later he was interrupted by a less sketchy woman that said hers was only ... read more
Our home for a couple days
Kicked back
José y yo

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