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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini June 12th 2007

So here we are about a week before we head home and I'm finally used to the whole live-out-of-a-backpack, sleep-in-a-different-bed every couple nights, and wear-the-same-5-shirts deal. It's officially life instead of a vacation . . . wierd!! Santorini and Greece in general are great! Very different from our whirlwind tour of Italy. Since the beginning of this trip I had the Italy travel book and Jen had the Greece one, I think that may have something to do with why we saw a TON of stuff while we were in Italy and we are relaxing in Greece. :) Jen and I have discussed this many times . . . we think part of it has to do with being tired and we just don't care about seeing every city's "National Archaeological Museum," plus you can ... read more
Jen and the boys . . . as usual :)

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos June 11th 2007

We have had a good day here in Naxos. It is getting hotter now and the winds have subsided so we really have to be carefull of not getting sunburn. We didn't get here until after 11am. We have been taking the high speed ferries and they have been great to travel on...less motion over the sometimes rough seas, plus they are faster as well. Thankfully when we arrived there was a bus here from our campground here at Maragas. We are about 20 minutes out of the main town of Hora. We were going to camp in one of the tent cabins, but we found a studio on the same grounds for only 2e more so we took still is not very nice and we feel like we will have another mosquito evening attack ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Ios June 11th 2007

We decided to drive out to what is allegedly Homer’s Tomb in Plakotos in the Northern part of the island today. The road was partly paved (oil and gravel) and part dirt; weird. Homer’s Tomb is on a point of land surrounded by hundreds, maybe even thousands of bee hives. When we got out of the car the buzzing was really loud. You walk out a long trail from the parking area to Homer’s Tomb. There’s an ancient stone engraved with writing, but really no other information there, basically just a stone tomb overlooking the sea. We probably only stayed about 30 minutes or so, the view was spectacular but there really wasn’t much else there. Steve built a little stone structure because he wanted to and I got a picture of it. We headed back ... read more
Homer's Tomb View
Me & Steve at Homer's Tomb
Steve, Me and Alice

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Milos June 10th 2007

Milos We were one day delayed arriving in Milos after our flight was cancelled although it didn't matter much, Olympic airways putting us up in a pretty nice hotel. After a short flight on a very small plane (much to my horror) we arrived . We stayed in Adamas which is a pretty little port town, a few km's down the hill from Plaka, the capital. Visited some beautiful beaches; Papafragas, Plathiena and Paliochori in one day with a little car we rented. Another day was spent wandering about town and at Lagada beach while Brendan and Paul scooted around. Had some of the best Greek food we've had so far. Visited the ancient roman theatre that is in pretty run down condition but offers spectacular views across the water. Milos is a beautiful little ... read more
Matt, Paul and Brendan Milos
Brendan and Matt near Plaka
Adamas, Milos

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos June 10th 2007

So I arrived 3 days ago in Greece first hitting Athens. The frist day I got here I had to wait for JT and Pete to arrive. It turns out they did not arrive till 1:00 am. But none the less I explored the streets of Athens and realized how old the stuff is all around. So the next day we headed for the main museum. They have lots and lots of statues there. Tell you the truth we got pretty bored pretty quick. The original plan was to hit the Parthanon later that day but it was pretty hot so we didn't JT and I hit all the other ruins within the area. Once again a change in plan. we wanted to go to the Parthanon in the morning but realized that the ferries left ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Paros June 10th 2007

Hello!!! We are writing about yesterday right now!! We left Mykonos and went to the island of Paros. We liked it a lot!!!! It was MUCH less could actually lay on the beach without getting blown away :) It was also far less developed, so the scenery was better and it felt more remote. When we got off of the ferry there, we took a little boat to a smaller beach on the island where we were supposed to be camping. When we got to the campsite, no one was there and it looked completely deserted excpet for one couple sitting at a tent. Finally a restaurant owner came out and told us that the owner of the campsite was sleeping, but that we could pick out a tent and put it anywhere. It all ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Ios June 10th 2007

We decided to rent a Suzuki Jimmy which is like an open jeep with a soft top. The rental agency picked us up at the hotel and took us down to the port to sign the papers and pick up the car. The receptionist at the hotel told us that the best beach on the island is Manganari Beach . On the map, it looked like it wasn’t too far, about half the island away lengthwise. However, because of the mountains and the way the roads went, we had to drive way up to the top of the island and then all the way back down the other side to get there. The road was tortuous and it took forever, I had to kind of take it easy as Steve felt hung-over and car sick. It ... read more
Baby Goat
Goats in the Road!
Me driving on Ios

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos June 10th 2007

To arrive in Naxos after such quiet was great. Its quite a big island with a very busy but not over crowded port; the water was still a reassuring emerald green. We had two nights in Hora (the port town) and one them was spent a a funky little open air cinema a short walk from our hotel. Saw a pretty average movie but it was bliss to be released from the usual dinner routine that by now is growing a little tiresome (i know you thought I'd never get sick of eating!). We explored the small old town of Naxos too, visiting the small archaeological museum that had some interesting artefacts found on the island. After Hora we decided to find a quiet beach so we rented our very small car and drove around ... read more
Mount Zeus
Agia Anna
Naxos Town

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos June 10th 2007

Saturday: I told you we were heading to Izmir.... but we stopped in Mykonos, Greece first! My family has never been there. It was just as beautiful as Santorini...but NO donkeys. Biagio ad Noah, Roe is looking over my Blogs and she said the other word was not appropriate...but trust me I still call 'em that! We saw a lot of churches and even more shops! I got a POPE RING. It is silver with wood, on the wood there is a silver cross. Roe and I went to the sea wall to check out the HUGE waves...we got drenched. It was fun so we countinued to do it. The Mediterean Sea is cold! I collected cool rocks from the sea shore. We rented a car and drove through Mykonos...we spotted a STARBUCKS! The city is ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini June 10th 2007

So, this is Jen. And I just want to say to MY family and friends, 'way to drop the ball' Here we are, on our wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime, best time of our lives, amazingly cool vacation, and we are taking time out of our day, and money out of our pockets to keep you all informed and up to date. and none of you ever even comment on this blog! do you even read it?! did you even notice that we went BUNGEE JUMPING?! We JUMPED OFF A BRIDGE! and nothing but silence from you all. thanks alot. love you all too. jerks. :)... read more

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