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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos June 8th 2007

What a beautiful day we have had. It is 4:20pm here and for those of you on the west coast there is a 10 hour time difference. We finally had a full nights sleep last night....and much needed as we have not totally adjusted to the time change. We left our hostel at 8:45am to catch the 9 bus to town, which turned out to be the 9:40 bus so we sat on the beach and ate our yogurt and peaches...yummm. It was a lovely morning without clouds - finally!!! We did put our 45 on though. We are making all efforts not to get sunburned :). We made it into town just in time to catch our ferry over to the next island called Delos. It is uninhabited and filled with ancient ruins. The ferry ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini June 8th 2007

Okay, it has been awhile since my last entry....let's catch up! On Wednesday we were at sea which means they have BINGO twice! We WON two games. Right before the last game they had a drawing for a FREE cruise. My mom and dad WON it!!! So they are already planning our next trip already! Between playing BINGO we watched the magician get locked up in chains, dive in the pool and escape! He escaped in 2 minutes. Dad and I played Wii Baseball in the Fyzz Lounge, I hit two homeruns. On Thursday, we went to Iraklion, Greece We did a lot of walking and is a beautiful town. Dad took great photos of the scenario. The town was spotless and the people were very friendly. In the evening we watched the staff in ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini June 8th 2007

June 7th From Agios Nikolaos, we boarded a ferry to Santorini's port, Ormos Athinios. The boat's constant side-to-side sway gave me a drunk feeling. Many times I tripped over the metal lips that joined the doorways of the ship halfway to falling on my face. I hadn't been on a boat this large before and my anxiety was very high. The longer we were on board, the more my fears were regurgitated. It took me at least half of the ride to calm myself, thought the ill feeling was ever present. The time was around 10pm upon our arrival. Still feeling nauseous from the ride and the excessive meal before boarding, I stumbled out of the cargo gate quickly attacked by hostel workers and cab drivers. All attempting to seduce us towards there hostel with ... read more
ferry ride to santorini
ferry ride to santorini
ferry ride to santorini

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Ios June 8th 2007

This is the first of dozens of blog entries our group of friends will make. If you are looking for a good place that is friendly to people of color and interracial couples like us, then Ios is a good place to go. I can't speak for Asians, who may have a different experience. I hope it is the same. Ios is a party town or island. There's nothing more to it than that. We went right before high season, so there wasn't a lot going on, but there was enough activity. Our experience as an interracial couple (Erin is white and I am black) was unremarkable. This is a good thing. We did see some dark-skinned people there, but maybe two or three. It didn't matter, everyone was drinking, partying, and having fun without concern ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos June 7th 2007

Hi again!! We have now arrived on Mykonos, our first of the cyclades to visit. the ferry ride was great...not bumpy like we expected and the ferry was really very nice. I (Aubri) still have not been feeling well, but hopefully that will change now that we are settled in one place for three days. when we reached the port in mykonos there were tons of people standing around holding signs for accomodation, but luckily we saw the woman who was waiting for us right away. we are staying at a hostel called Mama's Pension. It is run by an old greek couple and their daughter-in-law. The daughter picked us up, she is very very nice!! We have a cute little apartment overlooking the ocean. very beautiful. the place seems friendly and has a good family ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini June 7th 2007

Lost in Altantis. For those of you who are unawares Santorini is the prime location theorized to be where Atlantis once was. After only 3 days here I must agree that the fantastic magic abound would prove this true. The famous black sand beaches welcomed my arrival complete with an awe inspiring swim. When entering the beach you find that for aprox. 20 feet its solid rock. A cliff of sorts. Then you swim out in the crystaline waters where you reach the drop-off of this underwater beast. The sea opens to depths of unimaginable beauty. No words here to describe it. I clensed myself of Ios in these waters then proceeded to bury myself in the black sand while onlookers laughed and in stared intrigue. I wish I had pictures but alas its difficult ... read more
Black Sand Beauty
The ascent
Oia Church

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini June 6th 2007

Woke up around 11am, best night of sleep yet on my trip. We got some food and settled our tickets for bus and ferry to Crete. Jake was staying and travelling to turkey meeting with us later in budapest. We would be picked up by bus at 4pm and the ferry would leave at 5pm. Decided to head back to the black pebble beach for a bit more snorkelling. There was a place further down the beach with a concrete platform and rock cliff along the coastline. We climbed in the water from the platform which was absolutely freezing that day for some odd reason?? The water was a bit cloudy near the platform because there had been fairly large waves the previous night and the crap from the shore had been carried into the water. ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini June 5th 2007

Woke up around 10:20, apparently Josh didnt remember to set his alarm as we were supposed to leave at 10:30. We managed to scramble our stuff together and make our way outside to catch a bus for our tour around the island. Because we stayed with our particular youth hostel we recieved a discount on boat tours around the island so we decided it would be a good way to see Santorini for a day. Went we reached the boat it started raining quite hard and the weather was looking pretty shitty. Everyone hid inside the boat for a while until the rain seemed to clear up a bit just as we reached our first destination. For the first stop we were able to explore the actual eruption spot on santorini which was essentially a ... read more
Aaron and Josh at volcano
Small village
Swimming at the village

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos June 4th 2007

Mykonos= We arrived here very very tired, having arrived at Athens Airport at midnight, where we slept on the floor and then caught the bus to Pireaus for the slow ferry to Mykonos. We were able to sleep on the ferry. It was raining when we arrived at Vienaoulos Garden Hotel. But the weather has cleared and now we are having clear near perfect days. Mykonos is very sterile, its so perfect, lots of jewellery shops. Full of rich Italians and Greeks wearing white and smoking. We hired a quadbike and made a tour of the island, this restored our faith in travel. It was a brillant day. Went to Shirley Valentine Beach. Having lots of lovely Greek food. Trying to go for a jog most days. Rob has discovered Tzaki dip. The wines are ... read more
Mykonos town
Mykonos town
Mykonos beach

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos June 4th 2007

Again updating a little late. The computer line tends to be long at night, and we just don't get up early enough in the morning. So the other day we docked in Mykonos, Greece pretty early in the morning. We took the shuttle bus into town. The town overall is pretty small, but there are some cool things there. Caroline, Matt and I walked most of the way up the mountain for some cool views. The island is mostly bright white houses with either blue or red accents. There are tons, and I mean tons, of little Greek Orthodox churches. I am pretty sure that every family must have their own church. There are also some really old windmills there, which are not in operation anymore, but are pretty neat looking. We found an really ... read more
Cute little church

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