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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini October 23rd 2007

That was the fastest flight in the history of flights. Didn't have time to drink a glass of water. They served a chocolate filled croissant and a glass of water. My shoe had come untied before boarding the plane. I Didn't even have time to tie it on board. I have to tell you about Nic's blunder. She hastly packed her back pack for the flight and forgot her razor, jack knife and big bottle of water in it. Security only found the bottle but we still had to go back and check her backpack. Luckily we had time. We arrived in Santorini about 11 last night. That's about 3 in the afternoon for the rest of you. We got to our hotel which is more like an apartment. We will have to buy some food ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Patmos October 18th 2007

Our next port of call was the Greek Isle of Patmos. Our first view of Greece almost brought tears to my eyes. The water was the deepest, yet brightest blue I have ever seen...almost purple. Patmos was everything I pictured.....white houses with blue doors, fishing boats, men sitting around drinking ouzo (ahhh, makes me homesick for Papoo), and everything perched high up on the cliffs..I was surprised that the Islands really look like big brown rocks jutting out of that incredible azure water. We even found ourselves a taxi driver that looked like a long lost Moskonas Uncle. We headed up to the Cave of John the Apostle..the cave in which John was exiled to and received the book of Revelations from Jesus. was appropriately holy and cavelike. I couldn't help but think,...if you are ... read more
early morning Patmos
The Cave of John the Apostle

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos October 18th 2007

Next port of call, Mykonos. Unfortunately, we arrived at dusk and only had one evening to take it all in. We had great fun, none the less. We meandered around the fishing village of Chora, watching the fisherman(and women) clean their catch, getting lost in the narrow, winding streets. Bella found herself a surrogate Papoo sitting on a porch and climbed right up for a cuddle. We met Petros the Pelican who has apparently been the Island mascot for 5 decades....we were wondering why he looked so bored. He was really cute, chasing after a Greek restaurant owner with fish in his pocket. Nate had his first Ouzo on Greek soil in a waterside cafe as the girls threw rocks into the Aegan. A very lovely evening. ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini October 18th 2007

Eric and I will be flying from Mobile to Athens, Greece on Monday, Oct 22 for 10 days; our destinations are Santorini, Mykonos, and Athens. This is a return journey for us. We spent 2 days in Athens, and one day on Santorini and one on Mykonos in 1997, and knew we would one day return to spend more time in Santorini & Mykonos. We have 3 days on each island, and 2 days in Athens. I will do my best to blog our adventures, and provide photos, each day of the trip; hopefully the availability of wi-fi will allow for that. Cross you fingers for good reception on the laptop and the iPhone! As for now, back to the packing process..... gotta' get 8 pairs of shoes into one bag! To keep up with the ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini October 18th 2007

Ohhh, Santorini! favorite of the Greek Isles we visited. I could definitely hunker down here for a long while. Santorini, again, has most of the villages perched high up on the top of the cliff. It has seaside vineyards, a volcano,ancient ruins, great little restaurants. We only had enough time to do a fast run-through, so I definitely would love to return and explore it properly. We took a very modern, fast cable car to the top...and a very slow, smelly donkey back down to the port at the end of our visit (a decision I regretted the second I climbed on). Probably the longest 30 minutes of my life. The donkey trail zig-zagged straight down the cliff in a series of very steep stairs. The donkeys didn't appear to be paying an enourmous amount of ... read more
cable car: Santorini
cable car
making friends with the local pooches

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini October 15th 2007

And finally an update about my fall vacation to Greece: 09/30/07 Madrid-Athens After a discouraging bout with a flight-booking agency that ended in an irredeemable plane ticket, lost money, and dampened spirits, my friend Breezy and I ended up buying last minute tickets to Greece. We had planned the trip and had it in our hearts that we were going to see Greece, and we weren’t going to let anything get in our way. So we flew across the Mediterranean Sea and had the most incredible and lovely vacation. We flew into Athens on September 30 at 3:30am (well, what could we expect for times when buying tickets a day before our trip?) We were to meet with my father’s friend, Stamatis, at Syntagma Square. I hadn’t seen him since some ten years ago, and had ... read more
Breeze on Stamatis' Patio
National Archeological Museum

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini October 15th 2007

It was an early rise towards the port of Piraeus where we had to pick up our tickets at 6am and board the ship. We took our seats and eased back for our 5 hour journey to Santorini via Paros and Ios. When we arrived at Santorini new port we were welcomed by a scrum of taxi drivers with signs begging for a passenger- we swiftly paid to get out of the scrum and to our hotel located Imerovigili. On our way to our hotel the taxi driver surprised us by saying he had never heard of our apartments and began to call his taxi base for directions. As we made our way further and further away from the port- nobody seemed to know where this hotel was located! After a few more calls to the ... read more
On our way to Santorini
First stop: Paros
First encounter with the view from our balcony!!!!

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Milos October 15th 2007

We arrived in Milos last night after a trecherous ferry ride from Santorini! The ferry was scheduled to leave at 9:45pm, but arrived about an hour late! We didn't arrive in Milos until almost 2am. The ferry was rocking pretty violently the whole three hour trip. Needless to say, neither Joe or myself were feeling very well by the time we arrived! On arrival we had scheduled "a transport" from the port to our hotel, since we were to be arriving so late. As scheduled, the car was awaiting us when we arrived, with a little sign with "Lemos" on it (that's always fun!). We loaded up our luggage and began the journey of 1 street block to our hotel. Yes, thats right, it was one block! We spent 28 euro to go a block!!! Of ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos October 14th 2007

I am very sorry that I have not written in a very very long time! SO much has happened in the past three weeks, that we have not been able to slow down long enough to document the places that we have seen. I am currently in Mykonos island in the Greece. It is so so so nice! I love it and completely understand why the Greeks are so laid back in their life style! It is great. We are hanging out on the beaches during the day and taking in wonderful dinners at night. I am a huge fan of the Greek Salad! We have also met two awesome girls from Canada. They have been traveling with us since Tuesday. Here is a quick recap of what we have done in Greece. We started out ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini October 13th 2007

Day three in Santorini-tomorrow we head to Milos. Our ferry leaves at 9:45pm and arrives in Milos about 1am. I know, its late. But it is the only ferry leaving for Milos this week! Our options were pretty limited! Thursday we went over to Ancient Thira. It is the old (hense "ancient") town center. Thousands of years ago the volcano erupted and preserved the ancient city in lava. No human remains have been found, so it is believed that the people know the eruption was coming and headed for safer territory. We headed to that part of the island in our little Smart car (pictured below). Little did we know the ancient city sits atop a fairly decent "hill". We weren't too certain our little car would make it up the cobblestone winding uphill road. Luckily, ... read more

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