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April 22nd 2005
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Hey there soul-siblings,

Sigh... another stamp on the old passport. I'm still a little melancholy about leaving Turkey, although our reluctant exit was almost a week ago -- We finally caved under the pressure of beginning our ill-planned Eurail passes. However, we had an excellent run of it. We spent our last few days holed up in Kelly and Alena's old haunt in Selcuk in the care of Harry, the slightly manic carpet salesman. We practically had to pry ourselves away after he offered us jobs there. All the people we met in Turkey were so happy and good natured and, honestly, it was no wonder -- They live in freaking paradise. Check our photoblog for some updated pictures from the cruise (

Maybe I'm being a little overly dramatic, but we really did have a great experience in Turkey, marred only slightly by a bizarre encounter with a group of kids on our second last day. Pia ended up getting into a slapping-fight with what appeared to be a four year old child (he had run at us from behind and flipped up her skirt, then grabbed my bum), but who we later discovered to be, in fact, a 12-year-old dwarf. Seriously, it was one of the strangest things I've ever scene. David Lynch material.

And still, we were tempted to stay....

Anyway, Greece has been wonderful too. We've been bouncing around the Cyclades for the past few days, enjoying some fabulous weather and Greek hospitality -- I got to ride in the back of a rusty old pickup truck on our way to our hotel in Samos. We stayed for only one day, then took an incredibly tardy ferry into Naxos, where we arrived at the port after midnight with absolutely no clue about our accomodation, transportation, or really anything else. Luckily we made fast friends with an Irish lad named Jim and ten minutes later found ourselves splitting a hotel room three ways.

We ended up renting a car in Naxos and cruising around the island for a day. Thanks to some wiley driving on Jim's part, we managed to trespass onto a beautiful, and likely private, beach in a hidden cove which also happened to be covered in goats. More goats than I've ever seen before in my life. We'll try to get some pictures up soon... the scenery was stunning. And the goats were weird.

Anyway, today we arrived in Santorini, and I'm quite excited at the prospect of some beach-bumming on black sand, which sounds kinda scary/evil. And awesome.

Take care of your fly selves, and be grood (great AND good).




13th May 2005

go to sarajevo!
Hey Liz/Pia, Just been reading the blog and glad to see I got a mention for my wiley driving skills! Pity I missed ye in Florence and Venice but it sounds like you're having a ball. I've met about 40,000 more canadians since I parted ways with ye. The Canadian population seems at this stage to be divided into two groups(a big generalization i admit but..). Group A - Mad capped, zany, witty and entertaining folk OR group B, who are lets just say less interesting to the point of being tortured to death through mind numbing conversation. If you get this in time - GO TO SARAJEVO, see the war tunnel. Ask about the tour of sarajevo Sunni created. Its all mad and using your favourite word 'fabulous', even though it seems to be a kind of war tourism its really worth a look. And there's a big festival on in town on the 13th and 14th of may. take care, jim - Western Sam

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