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August 28th 2009
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ARGHHHH so i just wrote of my past weekk and the stupid connection dropped and i lost it. so you only get an overviewnow! sorry.
Okay so Mykanos we were going to go out to delos , an island of ancient ruins but they werent running boats that day so we spent antoher day on the beach.
anyway ferried it over to PAros. Stayed quite a bit out of town but on the beach in little kennel looking things with lockable doors and beds with linen and pillows provided.
Next day we cruised on around paros and anti paros. our first stop was a 10m ocean cliff jump but i chickened out!! jess and jessie were the first girls to do it
second stop was a secluded beach where we ate souvlaki tzatziki andbread. yum yum. The water is so very blue and clear.
next stop was a little ocean cove where we had a dip and a stupid aussie bloke stripped and climbed a bery precarious looking cliff luckily nothing happened except for himdryhumping this cliff.
Thensailed on back. we caught public transport and woah was it fun when we were told we were on the wrong bus. that gave us a nice long walk. to our camp. ah well.


Santorini is very nice. arrived at the port with zigzagging roads up to the village with its whitewashed buildings etc.
sorry this is rushed but i have 10 mins instead of the 40 minutes i was writing the last one for GRRRR
anywho exploerd the twon had some gyros and homemade icecream then watched some TV.
Nextday headed to Perissa one of the black beaches and lounged for the day. Swimming was cool cos unlike at homewhen looking towards the horizon you see nothinbg but continuous ocean. no land whatsoever!
YUEsterady we walked into Fira just over an hour. got there and i was sweating perfusely and over heated but yuou get that. then caught a bus to Ia, famous for its sunset. walked around then found a sopt on the tip where we sat in the ruins of a castle and watched the sunset as we ate our vegemite cheese and avocado sandwiches.
Today we went on antoher cruise. First stop Volcano. We walked to the top which was why i was surprised to see women and men wearing thoings and wedges. stupid people. not me mum. i had my walking shoes 😱 this volcano was last active in the 50's. next stop the hot springs in the old volcano then onto Therrasia. the island opposite santorini with 300 inhabitants and no hotels or touristy stuff whatsoever.
Now we are back atthe hotel and off to Ios tomorrow.
Hopefully the next entry will be better but i a,m not writing all the stuff again after itwent. and this keyboard as i said is shite. and the space bar doesnt work unless hit very hard. hence thelack of spaces.

hope this is informative. lots of love xxx.


29th August 2009

can't believe you chickened out
Your biggest woos of a mother can't believe you didn't do the jump especially after the others did! What about 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'? he did it. But seriously loving the info. Lots of love Mum. How can I get others to sign on to your blog?
30th August 2009

Hi Eliza, just catching up with your travel tales, glad to hear that you are wearing sensible walking shoes... Hope you are having a wonderful time and I look forward to hearing of future escapades Love A. Lynne xoxox

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