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May 5th 2009
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Fira, SantoriniFira, SantoriniFira, Santorini

The city of Fira (Thira) on the island of Santorini sits high up on the edge of the dormant volcano with gorgeous views.
Austin: Over the last three days we have been in Paros. We went to beaches and stayed in our hotel and walked around town. To get to town from our hotel, we had to make our way through a bunch of small alleys. All the buildings were square shaped, and painted white and blue. Flowers were interesting and everywhere. The world windsurfing championship was going on in one of the bays, and was fun to watch.
We are now island hopping onto the island of Santorini and Crete.
Lily: In the past three days, we have been on the island of Paros. We have gone to many beaches, two of which we made boats made of wood and string. I took them out to sea when they were done and sang a clapping game that I learned about a sailor.
Right now I am reading, “Jason and the Argonauts”. It is about someone named Jason who sets off with his fleet of heroes called the Argonauts. They go on a journey to get the golden fleece. The golden fleece is a fleece that brings happiness and health and good luck and living to people. I went to the
Family in SantoriniFamily in SantoriniFamily in Santorini

Family on boat to Santorini.
town of Volas, Greece, where Jason and the Argonauts set sail to find the fleece.
Jon and Stephanie: We are all having fun and had beautiful weather for the last week on the islands. Santorini was really special with its unique geology and sunsets. We were reassured by the locals that the volcano was dormant (last eruption 300 years ago). We opted to not go on a formal cruise, hence we have been “cruising” the Mediterranean via ferry. Our longest cruise was from Paros to Santorini, as we didn’t realize when we bought the tickets that we would be calling on the ports of Naxos and Ios in transit. It was highlighted by perfect weather and magnificent views of Santorini when we entered the caldera (the sunken collapsed center of the volcano). Our present cruise is the fastest of our trips, but cursed by rough waves. At least Jon has sea legs.
Food has been a treat in Greece. Jon and Austin are addited to Pita Gyros. Stephanie is trying out the veggie dishes. Lily is staying with international cuisine of French fries (when available), peanut butter (imported from Germany), and the ever present onions (raw), olives,
Sunsets of SantoriniSunsets of SantoriniSunsets of Santorini

Island of Santorini is reknown for its sunsets. This is one of them.
and feya.
On To Crete....

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Austin on ferryAustin on ferry
Austin on ferry

Santorini Cliffs in background

10th May 2009

Growing and glowing
Hi! Everyone is glowing and happy! Beautiful pictures...ANd it looks like the kids are growing taller- must be the sea and sun! Did your ears ring the other day,Jon? We had one transport after another and all said you must be so glad to be in Greece! Hope everyone continues well.

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