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April 26th 2011
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Arriving in SantoriniArriving in SantoriniArriving in Santorini

The town of Fira drapes over the caldera cliff edge.
Today has been a slow day for me, in part to recover from my cold. Our ferry didn’t leave until 11:45, so I slept late, ate leisurely, finished packing, read a little, and left with the bus. (Others walked into town for more wandering.)

The ferry is the onward journey of the ferry we took to get to Paros. I took a Dramamine and didn’t feel too bad – more lethargic than anything. Once again we were in the first class lounge, this time right at the front, facing forward. The first stop was Naxos, and after the ferry was underway again, Kriton took us to the “Goody’s” fast good bar where we each picked up a tray of hamburger, chicken Caesar salad, (cold) fries and a soft drink. I ordered a beer (Alfa). The salad was good. The view was nothing much, mostly open sea, with the sighting of an occasional island in the cloudy mist.

Arriving in Santorini was a sight! Through the mist we could see the other islands of the caldera. In about 1640 BC the wide centre of an island blew, leaving a broken ring of islands, known collectively as Santorini. We sailed into
Kamari Kamari Kamari

The "other" side of the island is pastoral, the part that was not blown up by the volcano.
the bay and up to a dock at the bottom of a spectacular cliff. We could see how the centre had blown straight up, leaving impossibly steep edges.

To drive into town we zigzagged in long swoops, arriving at the cliff edge to see that the other side of the island is flatter and not too wide. On this side they grow grapes. The traffic seemed congested, but really, there are few cars and the cobbled streets are narrow.

Our hotel is lovely – relatively modern, in the traditional Greek style: Kallisti Thera. Shortly after we arrived, Kriton took us on an orientation tour, which wasn’t long. Everything is perched near or just behind the cliff – mostly shops with tourist stuff, jewelry and clothes. Many restaurants had verandas draped over the edge for spectacular views. After our walk I did a little strolling, ending up at the Supermarket across the road where I got bottled water – 6x1.5 litres for €1.30! And some dark chocolate – 76 cents for 100 grams!

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Dramatic views from every step on the wide public promenade

A volcano blew out the centre of Santorini, leaving modern times with spectacular views.
Kallista Thera Hotel Kallista Thera Hotel
Kallista Thera Hotel

Our lovely hotel within a short walking distance of the promenade.
Oia Oia

Our dinner was in the relaxed small town of Oia, on the tip of Santorini.
Panagia of Platsani Panagia of Platsani
Panagia of Platsani

The plaza of this large church In Oia was for play and relaxation.

20th May 2013

100 grams of chocolate?
Did you really stop with just 100 grams? I'm impressed! And congratulations on your travel photography award - fabulous! How do they keep things so white?

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