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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes June 7th 2015

June will be spent island hopping the Greek Islands. The first was Rhodes. We returned to favorite places, ate at favorite restaurants, and enjoyed the views and the sea. Today, we took the bus across the island, to the ancient ruins of Lindos. It's a great place to explore and enjoy the vistas from atop the Acropolis. Tomorrow, we head to Kos, the ancient home of Hippocrates.... read more
Rhodes - entrance to the harbor
Sponge and shell shopping on a boat
Dinner at The Oceanfront

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes October 24th 2014

RHODES: FRIDAY 24.10.14. Sunny Morning, Showery Afternoon. Not much to comment on today. Went for an early morning walk to the port, where I spied my first Greek windmill, although I don't comprehend how they rotate without sails. All pictures I have viewed are similar to the one seen! Later we walked back to the old town, finding the Jewish Synagogue. Apparently Jews on Rhodes came from Spain in the 1500s and established a flourishing community, although they did suffer many difficulties from marauding attackers, be they Turks, Crusaders, Italians and Germans. The Nazis decimated the population forcing them to concentration camps from which only 150 survived. There are now less than 30 Jewish people living on Rhodes. I have not previously visited a synagogue, and was surprised how simply it was decorated, certainly very mild ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes October 23rd 2014

Rhodes. 23.10.14. Sunny early then storming/rain Today we went for a lengthy walk along the coastal footpath. The Coast line is craggy and the beaches are either stony or course brown ( dirt like) sand. The water is deep blue and it looks as though the depth level past the waterline drops off quickly. No issue with Broadwater sand bars here! The views are beautiful. Have run out of things to do. We had contemplated a bus ride down the westcoast to an archilogical site today, but further reading of the guidebook intimated that it may not be worth the journey, only one Ancient Column standing, and a vivid imagination required to picture the ancient site in its glory days; also the threat of rain and a two and half hour wait for the return bus ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes October 22nd 2014

Rhodes 22.10.14. Beautiful weather Walked along the Coast this morning, Turkey distant across the flat sea. A beautiful morning. Afterwards we ate breakfast at Koucos, which we later surmised meant Cuckoo. Ate breakfast of spicy Feta and thick Yogurt. Quite a heavy flavour not to be repeated! Headed to the old town, we have become very familiar with the streets, and wandered the ancient neighbourhoods, a mix of Moslem, Jewish and Orthodox, not that we could tell the difference, but mostly quite charming, excusing the eau de cat! Narrow alleys opening onto wider thorough fares, which were lined with the inevitable tourist tac. We saw Singha T shirts ( thai beer), flea market jewellery, and dining spruikers outside every cafe. It seems that this is the future of mass tourism! The harbour was port to four ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Lindos October 21st 2014

LINDOS, RHODES, 21.10.14. Beautiful weather. Today we took the public bus to Lindos, the most historic site on Rhodes. It is renown for its Acropolis built to honour the Goddess Athenia. Built BC., it is largely in ruins, however a few columns have been reconstructed to evidence the structures that stood there over 2000 years ago. It is also said to have the best islands' view, clearly a subjective opinion of the guide book author, although it was exceptionally scenic. Pleased we took the bus rather than hired a vehicle, as the distance wasn't long, although it took 90 minutes, the road was narrow, and at times even narrower due to the haphazard nature of the vehicle parking. The route showed very barren land, a few olive plantations, goats and some mediocre construction. Lindos is also ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes October 19th 2014

RHODES, GREECE 19.10.14. Clear weather Today was a travel day, travelled only a relatively short distance that took over 8 hours. The airport queues are long, very long, and the waiting at departure gates is monotonous. The entire world seems to be travelling, all our flights have been FULL and cramped. We travelled to Rhodes via Athens. The weather on route was clear and sunny. Landing at Athens, the difference in landscape to Istanbul was dramatic. The scenery was of low barren hills and there were fields of trees that looked to be olive plantations. The airport is relatively new, but small by comparison to many of the airports we have passed through. Didn't really see anything of Athens on the flights, so uncertain of our large it's sprawl is compared to Istanbul's 11 million population. ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes August 28th 2014

Well we are diffinantly into the HOT again. We arrived into Fethiye for a few days and the temperatures for the time we were there were all in the late 30s, 40c,s. We stayed at a small hotel called Classic Yacht Hotel which has it's own marina were Therapy along with Martin, Viv, Steph and Robin were waiting to have a catch up drink. Great to catch up, but Steph and Robin left the next day and Viv the day after. We had a day on the water with Martin, sailing from Fethiye to Goghek, stopping in a bay for a swim in the beautiful Aegean waters, showing Pam and Warwick a bit of what I have done in the past, pulling on a few ropes and just loving it as we had some great sailing. ... read more
Fresh Produce Anyone?

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes July 2nd 2014

We are getting closer to the end of the cruise. There are two day left. We have seen so much and done so much, we will have memories and stories to share for years to come.Today we dock at the 4th largest island in Greece, Rhodes. Here we passed through the the harbour, where in ancient times stood the Colossus of Rhodes. The Colossus once stood with one leg on one side of the harbor and the other leg on the other side, forcing ships to pass below his 64 meter height. Nice story right? Well it is a lie! The Colossus was in Rhodes and he was 64 meters high and stood for 66 years in the center of town at the front entrance gate of the ancient city. No spanning the harbor. Unfortunately, builders ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Monolithos May 19th 2014

Rodos Arriving in Rhodes and getting dropped off in the medieval town was unreal. My jaw literally dropped as we entered the old city that is protected by large stone walls. The whole old town is a Unesco World Heritage Site. The nickname for this island is “The Island of the Knights” and walking down the streets there is no question as to why. The architecture is amazing and wandering around transported me back to my five year old mind of what I always thought a medieval town would look like. I was immediately in awe and completely in love. We found our Hotel and checked in. Hotel Attiki is a beautiful property with a courtyard right in the middle of the medieval town. I absolutely loved our hotel. Our wonderful hosts Mara & Francesco were ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Lindos September 20th 2013

The island of Rhodes is very different from the ones we passed and the one we visited, Santorini. Water is abundant here and new town of Rhodes is tree lined and shady while the Old City is not particularly. After a minor snafu, we hook up with our guide Anna who was born here and still lives here. There are nine of us, a very manageable group and we head by bus to the Acropolis. These areas of worship were built on the top of the highest hill near the town as in Athens and here the temple has been left in a state of ruin. Current archeology is concentrating on the pre-historic era and discovering sites where pottery, artifacts and remnants of daily living can be found. We stop for a photo op. Our ship ... read more

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