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August 28th 2014
Published: August 28th 2014
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Arriving in Turkey. It always seems to take forever for the luggage to come does't it. But, as with all travel, you learn to be patient.
Well we are diffinantly into the HOT again. We arrived into Fethiye for a few days and the temperatures for the time we were there were all in the late 30s, 40c,s. We stayed at a small hotel called Classic Yacht Hotel which has it's own marina were Therapy along with Martin, Viv, Steph and Robin were waiting to have a catch up drink. Great to catch up, but Steph and Robin left the next day and Viv the day after. We had a day on the water with Martin, sailing from Fethiye to Goghek, stopping in a bay for a swim in the beautiful Aegean waters, showing Pam and Warwick a bit of what I have done in the past, pulling on a few ropes and just loving it as we had some great sailing. If you ever consider going to this area the Classic Yacht hotel is fantastic with great setting and pools, never over crowded and their restaurant is fantastic. We found that it was so easy to eat there and they looked after us so well that we ended up there most of the time for a very affordable and relaxing stay. Also, plenty to do around

Fethiye, what a magic place to eat, breakfast lunch, dinner or any snack or meal. The wind comes up during the day but mornings and evenings, heaven.
the area. So, after being spoiled we headed off to Rhodes for a few days and this afternoon we will head off to Santarini for the last of our island stops. One day we hired a car and drove around a lot of Rhodes island looking at some of the historic sites and a wine village and some of the beaches available. The main attraction of course is the old town surrounded by the old walls and buildings with heaps of markets and history. This is a very big area and takes alot of hot walking to cover. I think that we only really touched a bit of the available sights as a cool swimming pool begged attention in the hot climate so we spent a lot of the time there. Will catch up from Santarini. Pip/Rod

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Fresh Produce Anyone?Fresh Produce Anyone?
Fresh Produce Anyone?

Di inspects the offer in the vege market.

A street with umbrellas creating shade and a lovely atmosphere.
Why Go Out.Why Go Out.
Why Go Out.

Viv, Di and Pam sit and enjoy. After sailing into here last year I said that I would bring Di back to this place and I'm pleased to say that she approved. In fact so much she wants to come back.

Never crowded, great staff and just a really neat place to stay.
Evening Drinks Aboard.Evening Drinks Aboard.
Evening Drinks Aboard.

Introducing Pam and Warwick to the good ship Therapy.
Dinner by The Water.Dinner by The Water.
Dinner by The Water.

It was Martin and Viv's 40th anniversary so Steph had left instructions for champagne to be served which they enjoyed tremendously. Great food, great company and great setting.
Enjoyable Evening.Enjoyable Evening.
Enjoyable Evening.

A good day and a magic evening.
Daytime Snack.Daytime Snack.
Daytime Snack.

With a few drinks by the pool. Why go into town.
Looking Good!!!!Looking Good!!!!
Looking Good!!!!

Warwick enjoys an afternoon kip after a hugely tiring day. We all drifted off at some stage. Hard not to in the heat after a snack with a beer.
Relaxing? Yes!Relaxing? Yes!
Relaxing? Yes!

By the water again for breakfast.
Back at the Helm.Back at the Helm.
Back at the Helm.

I didn't think that I would get the chance this year to do this so really enjoyed it.
Warwick at the Helm.Warwick at the Helm.
Warwick at the Helm.

Great sailing and so nice to be aboard.
Just Sit Back and Enjoy.Just Sit Back and Enjoy.
Just Sit Back and Enjoy.

Di and Pam enjoy the ride.

What more to be said.
Cooling Down.Cooling Down.
Cooling Down.

Pam and Di enjoy the waters off the back of Therapy.
So Nice.So Nice.
So Nice.

We just floated around and enjoyed the buoyancy of the waters.
Sailing Sailing

Calmer waters.

Martin sails off into the sunset.

Arriving in Rhodes on the ferry.

A walk into the ld town.

28th August 2014
So Nice.

The good life. A cold beer would make it perfect.

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