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August 4th 2010
Published: February 18th 2011
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After a long night of dancing, exhaustion dawned in me. I find it really hard to wake up early every morning especially since I am not a morning person to begin with. But this time was an exception, yes the alarm woke me up but I was very drowsy, no energy, eating breakfast with no appetite whatsoever, all I could really think of was to go back to that tiny cabin and crash. But I have to suck it up like a real trooper and start another amazing day in Greece, which island was unkown to me.

I always thought I knew history, but as soon as I stepped down that cruise ladder and saw Rhodes for the very first time, I knew right away that I knew nothing about this place. I am a complete alien to this island. Yes, I heard of greece from my Geography class back in the day but that's about it! What's in Rhodes? I have no clue... So I thought hey, I love learning... I'm a nerd like that... so maybe this is the time to learn something new... But little do I know about how much information and how big is the history behind the walls of the Acropolis of Lindos and the Castle of the Knights of St. John.... I mean, what!?! a Medieval castle in Rhodes, Greece? I've never heard that before... then again... maybe I just really don't know much about history as much as I thought I did...

It was quite a road trip to get to The Acropolis of Lindos from the port, but it was worth it... The scenic views and the almost tour around the island was beyond I could ever describe - it was beautiful... Our group stopped by a local's pottery business where we were demonstrated how they make the pottery by hand... it was awesome and I was convinced to purchase a wine goblet... so mucn for the demonstration, it's like as soon as I saw that everything was done by hand the pottery was already blinking SOLD in my head...

The Acropolis of Lindos was another adventure I must say... they gave us two choices, wether to hike it all the way up in the scorching heat or to ride a donkey.... First of all I am not fond of riding horses because of an accident I had when I was little riding one, and a donkey!? I know it's not a horse but when I see one that looks similar to a horse... forget it! But of course it's either my way or the highway... and my friend had never ridden any sort of animal ever... I had to again, suck it up and try to enjoy the experience as much as I can.... Other than the slipping hooves on the way up, my donkey constantly pins me to the wall, getting too close to other donkey's butt while they poop and walk, with my donkey conveniently standing right at the edge of the cliff while having our photos taken with them, and not to mention our laughing donkey owner whose walking while assisting 2 donkeys at the same time... all I could say is yes I had quite the experience alright... On the decent down I will never be caught riding a donkey...

Anyways, it was scorching hot, on top of exhaustion and a semi-empty stomach... we ascended to the Acropolis.... It was still quite a climb, and the small, sort-of steep looking stairs does not help either. But As soon as I saw myself standing in that Acropolis... everything did not matter.... It was like I'm back in history... I obviously snapped too many photos.... but standing on the very top, I stopped and looked around and enjoyed the hot breeze in my face, and realized how fortunate am I to be standing on top of a World Heritage Site that was built years and years ago, stood against time, war, natural disasters, and human.... A side from its vast history, I was encapsulated by the beauty and splendor of this place.... The feeling I've felt was beyond description... I was in awe.... It is a must see... one of the hidden gems of the ancient times that not a lot of people are aware of...

Next stop... we headed back to port but before that we visited the Medieval Castle, another World Heritage Site in Rhodes... It was unfortunate that I was beyond exhausted at this point, i fell asleep on the ride back to port and my friend and I decided to not go inside the castle to explore... although we went around the castle's town square and courtyard... I was just ready to pass out... but regardless, again I never knew this castke ever existed in Greece... And it definetely has a lot of history in its walls, it's beautiful construction and how they preserved the castle amazed me... Again... it's a must see....

I just think that for anyone who decides to venture through Greece.... If you like history, or even enjoy old bricks, or even as simple as a hot coffee or a cold beer with feeling of old walls surrounding you.... Rhodes is a definite place to visit....

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18th February 2011

Glimpse of the Past
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19th February 2011
Photo 59

Woderful angles of most of the picture. You really a got an photographer's Eye. Pic No. 58 is stunning!
19th February 2011

thank you... im glad you like them... much appreciated for the compliments

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