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September 26th 2012
Published: October 29th 2012
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*Bing* The seatbelt sign had been switched off, in just over 4 hours we knew that we would be touching down in one of the most beautiful places I have been too to date. Sure I have been to the beautiful GreekIsland of Rhodes before but we had to go back again. This time it was another big family trip. As the plane curved round the island to land on the runway, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the waves that crash against the shoreline – this is the windy side of the Island, I reminded myself. The busy-ness of the airport was so intense and hard to cope with. The Greek Authorities had been on strike too, which meant just a few people handling the baggage from all the flights - nightmare! It took over an hour for us to collect all our bags, but we knew it would be worth the wait.

The heat hits you as soon as you walk out of the door to find your transfer. Its a sign from that moment that for the next 2 weeks, we will be surrounded by 10 hours of sunshine and smiling faces.

By the time we had arrive in Rhodes, it was after midday which simply meant it was time for the adventure to begin, however the heat had other ideas for us. The beaches are amazing and there is something for everyone on bother sides of the island. Unfortunately, some people thing that Rhodes is all about Falaraki, thankfully, I can tell you that it isn’t. Sure, Falaraki is there if you want a non-stop party throughout the summer season, but there is much more to the wonderful Greek island than that. Looking out of the window of my hotel room, I see the ocean and the amazing coastline that is silhouetted by Turkey. From the last time we went away, I remember watching some of the most amazing storms over the sea and Turkey. Watching the lightning forking through the sky like a hot knife through butter is a truly amazing sight.

We knew that our adventure would truly begin tomorrow, so we had to rest up today after all the travelling we had done together. It is the hottest summer for 118 years with temperatures well into the 30’s so it was a given that we would need to rest up and then we would head out tomorrow. What would await us? Who knows if it would be even close to the last time we visited the Island.


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