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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Patmos » Skala May 15th 2012

Yesterday's visit to Santorini was beautiful, but today's visit to Patmos was truly inspirational. Although smaller than Santorini, Patmos has been designated a Holy Site by the Vatican and a world historical site by UNESCO. All of this is due to the fact that the Disciple John was banished from Ephesus and imprisioned here for 18 months near the end of his life. During that time, John received the visions which became letters to the 7 churches of Asia Minor and later became the Book of Revelation. Today we visited the Grotto of the Revelation, a cave on the top of a beautiful hillside where John received those visions. Although once open to the sea, the cave now has a beautiful Greek Orthodox church added to it, so we were not allowed to take any inside ... read more
Greek Orthodox Priest
View of the Harbor

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Patmos August 9th 2011

When we woke up we were docked at Kusadasi, so after breakfast we got off the boat and started to explore the markets. Because we were coming back to Kusadasi for 3 days on our Turkey tour we didn’t do the Ephesus tour which most people did. After about an hour of walking around the markets and getting hassled by Turkish men we found a cafe to sit and have a cold drink! We got back on the boat by 11.30am and then we set sail for the island of Patmos. While we were sailing there we had lunch, at the buffet again which we are absolutely loving – my favourite part about the buffet on the boat is that they have unlimited amounts of fresh fruit salad which is fantastic. We sunbathed up on the ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Patmos » Skala June 20th 2011

Sunday 19th June, 2011 We went out for a walk and some dinner at seven thirty. We strolled to the far marina looking at the yachts and fishing boats. We passed the place were St John the Theologian held his baptisms which had been mentioned to us in the information centre. Then back to the restaurant above La Strada that we had visited the other day. The restaurant was on 1st floor so we had a view out over the harbour. We had a Greek salad, moussaka and home made burger. They didn't do coffee when asked! but we were given a free dessert of a large fig each and a shot of something alcoholic. The bill came to €29.50 and I would comment that the service was very good. Back to the square and we ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Patmos » Skala June 19th 2011

Saturday 18th June 2011 We had a lazy start to the day and there is no breakfast at our current location so no reason to hurry anywhere. We have cooking facilities and can make ourselves coffee which is great. The other bonus is a washing machine in the room. So we popped out and found a good sized supermarket not far away called AB and bought some washing powder. We returned and with the help of the room cleaner put some washing in. Then sometime after 11 o'clock we headed off to explore the town. Our first task was to buy our next ferry ticket and find out ferry times. We have decided that we will move down the Dodecanese chain picking and choosing the islands we wish to visit and skipping those we don't. The ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Patmos » Skala June 17th 2011

Friday 17th �June, 2011 We made a move to breakfast at 0920 and had the usual. Back to the room and slowly packed our stuff. A visit to the supermarket for some water, then took our stuff down to reception. It was just before 12 o'clock and the taxi was due at 1230 so after we handed the key we went for a last look around the harbour. We walked back to reception at 1220 and the taxi had arrived and was loading our bags. Perfect timing. An uneventful journey to Pithagorio and we arrived at 1305 hrs. A short amount of time to wait as the ferry was due to leave at 1410, as we waited the numbers of people gradually increased. Our ferry the Nissos Kalymnos duly arrived with the usual chaos of everyone ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Patmos » Skala October 27th 2010

I arrived in Patmos at 11:00 at night and the owner of my hotel, Villa Knossos, met me at the harbour and we drove to the hotel. And guess what? Yep. I had another studio apartment all to myself! It was beautiful! I paid 30 euros a night for this luxury and it was totally worth it. There was even some tea and coffee and water and a coke waiting for me. The teacher next door had rented his studio for the winter while he was teaching and he had adopted a cat who came to visit me every day and I broke down and let him come in, even though I wasn't supposed to. I made him stay in my lap and he had no problem with that. I really wanted to take him with ... read more
My Studio at Villa Knossos
My Kitchen in Patmos
My Little Friend

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Patmos August 3rd 2010

Our destination: The Cave of The Apocalypse, and the Monastery of St. John the Theologian (These two places were declaired World Heritage Sites by UNESCO)... so far it's been a very religious day... a few hours sailing from Kusadasi we landed in Patmos.... Although there's something different about Patmos I should say compared to the Greek islands that I've visited... it's a small island... very dry, a sense of quietness and emptyness in this place... We first visited the Cave of The Apocalypse... here John wrote the book of Revelations and in the Bible, Patmos was mentioned and also it said that God's voice was so loud that it created a crack in side the cave.... I saw the crack and investigated it... I believe it... it didn't look man made to me... it was simple ... read more
Photo 16
Photo 20
Photo 8

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Patmos » Skala March 27th 2010

We arrived in Patmos and tender boats brought us to the island's pretty harbor Skala. Known as the Jerusalem of the Aegean, Patmos is a holy island of Christians, where the Apocalypse of St. John was written. There are 2 main attractions - The Grotto and The monastery. Many people from the ship boarded Mercedes tour buses for the shore excursions that cost a small fortune in euros. But we decided to take a cab. The chinki couple asked if they could share a cab with us and we agreed. The chinkis lived in SFO, she was from Taiwan and a pharmacist and he was from Hong Kong and a software engineer. A good blend of science & technology! I could imagine their kid becoming a doctor. After a winding, uphill ride in the Mercedes cab, ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Patmos October 1st 2009

October 1, 2009 Judy and I were the first passengers off the ship on tenders today along with only three other crew going ashore right at 8am. I guess the others had later tours planned or just slept in. At least in Patmos, there is no huge hill to get up and down from the port. The port is conveniently located right in downtown. We didn't exactly have a plan today but found a rent a car place straight across from where the tender dropped us off. They had a nice little car available for 30 Euro that was much better than the beater we had on Santorini the day before. A right at the circle and we were headed up the hill to visit the cave where John the Evangelist was exiled and wrote most ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Patmos April 1st 2009

From Mykonos, we departed before midnight and woke up in Kusadaci, Turkey. I have to admit I slept in and didn't bother to go out. We were here just a week before, and I thought I'd spend the morning on the boat and dreaming away. Shelly wouldn't pass up the chance to go out and check out more bazaars , of course. So I saw her off, dear old me waving her goodbye as she crossed the plank and walked off towards another shopping expedition. I went to the breakfast lounge and lingered.........really lingered over my breakfast. Had 3 cups of coffee over an hour-long breakfast of omelette, salmon, some sausages and those sweet , juicy tomatoes that I just love. Then off to about half an hour of walking around the deck . Surprised to ... read more
A Gallery of Icons and Mosaics
Isn't this pretty?
Monastery of St. John

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