"Mystical Drunkenness and Orgiastic Ecstasy"...Dionysus on Delos!

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April 13th 2016
Published: April 13th 2016
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We had an easy trip from Istanbul to Athens...the very nervous young man next us on the plane turned out not to be a terrorist, but a computer engineer traveling to England for eye surgery (he is going blind...) who works for Turkish Air and hopes to be hired by Google....

Once in Athens, we had a bit of a problem getting to the ship, since they had sent us no information and there was nothing on their website to help us find the ship! We met up with some Venezuelans on the bus from the airport and together we found the boat...The cabins are very quiet, and the food is excellent...We spent the first day docked in Athens, so we visited the Acropolis and walked bit around that area of the city.

Today we are docked in Mykonos. We got up early, had breakfast, and then took a water taxi to the town, where we caught a boat for the island of Delos, where we had three hours to tour the ruins and visit the museum. Delos has an amazing history of beginning as a sacred sight dedicated Artemis and Apollo, that became the biggest commercial center and the first "international city" in the 167 BCE, when it was declared a "free port".

We then walked to iconic windmills, and then to beach where I took a swim...

The cruise has people of all ages and nationalities, including a small number of Americans. During the safety drill yesterday, we were standing next to newly weds from Connecticut...and the husband works for Electric Boat (where my Dad worked). Clothing styles vary from dressy to the quite informal...I love traveling while sleeping in my own bed! Since we are off the boat every day, my reluctance to be "trapped" with a thousand other people has been unfounded.

We are off to Santorini over night...

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Safety drillSafety drill
Safety drill

I snuck a photo...cameras were forbidden for some reason...
Off the boat in MykonosOff the boat in Mykonos
Off the boat in Mykonos

We were surprised at people taking the 12 euro shuttle when the 2 euro water taxi was right there!
Hand of the Colossus of Apollo, 6th Century BCEHand of the Colossus of Apollo, 6th Century BCE
Hand of the Colossus of Apollo, 6th Century BCE

Rest was stolen by Brits or Venitians...

13th April 2016

glad to hear from you
Happy to know that you are out of Turkey, but i don't imagine anywhere in europe is much safer than another. Love the wooden boat pics!
14th April 2016
Poppies on Delos


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