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October 30th 2007
Published: October 30th 2007
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Second go-round... Back on Kalymnos. Two weeks of climbing, three rest days, swollen fingers, fire in my muscles, and David Sharpe! Beautiful People My new friend Shay Har-noy lives in America, but we ended up crossing paths in Israel. I was telling him how one of the things I love about climbing is all the hot men with their tops off. He exclaimed, "I know! You would think other women would ... Read Full Entry

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Look at Dave and EvaLook at Dave and Eva
Look at Dave and Eva

two beautiful people!!!

We're going to go climb while you two sort out your camera.
Bye Eva!Bye Eva!
Bye Eva!

Flo and Eva are leaving. *tears*
World's biggest cabbageWorld's biggest cabbage
World's biggest cabbage

The store sold them as is. Wouldn't let me cut it up and buy it smaller.
The little sheepThe little sheep
The little sheep

are our compost equipment.
Swollen fingersSwollen fingers
Swollen fingers

this is NOT from salt. It is from climbing too much with no rests.
Swollen fingers from climbingSwollen fingers from climbing
Swollen fingers from climbing

Dave said this would happen...
I ripped my climbing trousers!I ripped my climbing trousers!
I ripped my climbing trousers!

and then sewed them, and then ripped them again! Davie recommended a diet...

27th November 2007

Love the philosophy...
...that you have taken from climbing into life. I always thought the same thing from climbing! Looks like you're having a great time sweetheart! :)

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