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Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Methoni May 13th 2017

After one eye of Venice we had to go and see the other one. Sally Sat Nag did her usual car trick of taking us up high roads and down deep valleys. Through tiny Greek villages and high up impossibly narrow roads. We really have to invest in a new sat nag that caters for motorhome proportions. We have had some hairy moments of having to turn round or hold our breath in anticipation we will get through some small spaces. Up to now luck has been with us. The broken window in Suzy has held out too and looks as if the temporary repair will last until we get the old girl home for something more permanent. We have covered over 2000 miles average consumption 25 . 2 miles to the gallon. We were heading ... read more
The sea gate
Looking back from the Bourtzi
The view from our campsite

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion May 11th 2017

How about a bit of a change? We have done a city - Athens, a few museums, greek temples by the score,a handful of Cyclopean remains , the sea, the sand , the mountains and the monasteries. Let's do Venetian. It is easy travelling in Suzy to be able to do different things. We are not tied down to any one place. So let's go in search of marble pavements, the Lion of St Mark , a looming castle in an elegant small town which was contested between the Turks and the Venetians for years. It has a fair share of history in its medieval streets and holds the distinction of being the first capital of independent liberated Greece. Throw in a swanky marina full of yachts, the Bourtzi, picture perfect castle set in the cobalt ... read more
The Bourtzi
What's in the chocolate box?
The Venetians were here

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Monemvasia May 11th 2017

Suzy the motorhome has just driven past the aire in Monemvasia, over the causeway and headed up the hill towards the old town where she found a parking spot almost at the top. There were a number of cars already parked up the hill and we thought the place would be heaving however it appeared that most of those cars belonged to the residents who would have found it impossible to park next to their homes due to the low and narrow gateway to the town. This gateway gives no indication of the beauty of the place within the walls. Monumvasia is another hill town fortified and built on two levels. Yes you guessed it - the Lower Town and the Upper Town. It sits on a rock some 1150 feet above sea level and is ... read more
Venetian belltower in Monemvasia
Along the ramparts
tiny lanes

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nea Tiryntha May 10th 2017

Suzy the motorhome finds herself in some odd places off the beaten track at times. We are known to go off piste and search out the places others ignore. At the moment I am using three guide books to ensure that we miss nothing of importance. Each guide book has a different take on the country and on its heritage. I use the Rough Guide – a book I have used for years. It is slightly out of date now and opening times are different however it tells it like it is. Warts and all. It is easy to use and I do like the way it is set out. We purchased a DK Eye Witness Account which tells us that it shows what others only tell. Unlike the Rough Guide it is rich with pictures ... read more
The underground cistern with the way barred sadly

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Epidaurus May 10th 2017

We feel as if we are half way through our holiday . I don't actually think we are. Our Greek clocks feel as if they going on a go slow. We are seeing so much of the country that time should fly by. It doesn't. Each day is a real joy and we keep feeling it cannot carry on this way forever. At some point we must get fed up. At some point we must feel like coming home. It doesn't seem to be happening. We are enjoying every moment. The sun continues to shine on us. The nights are hot. Everything is just wonderful. We keep thinking things have got to go downhill at some point. Downhill though is a misnomer if ever there was one, Downhill does not apply here. Every archaelogical site requires ... read more
The theatre at Epidaurus
It's a long way up for a pensioner

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Mystras May 10th 2017

For some strange reason the further south we have travelled the more the wind picks up in the late afternoon. The leaves and twigs fall off the trees above us and batter Suzy's roof. Our campsite is dead. I walk to tell the owner we are leaving to go to Mystras whilst it is still early and not too hot but will be back later and there is no sign of him. I check his cafe - dead as a dormouse, I check the site. Not a sign of him so I write a note. He speaks a little English perhaps he can read a little . I put simply my name - off to Mystras early. Be back later and I hope for the best. The mosquitoes are out. We both have been bitten for ... read more
Double headed Byzantine eagle

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Sparta May 10th 2017

For Glenn this was going to be one of the highlights of this trip to Greece. He has read extensively about the Spartans and wanted to see "where it all happened". Our campsite being midway between Mystras and modern Sparti meant it only took a short while to drive to the new town. A non descript place with the streets set out in a grid system. Shops lined the main street. Trees planted up the middle. Dreadful parking. The Greeks park far worse than the Italians. Double parking. Cars left with the doors open. Their wheels pointing into the street. It was a nightmare trying to find what we were looking for. Greeks don't understand roundabouts. Some drivers treat them correctly waiting for traffic from the left to pass before joining the roundabout. Others fly through ... read more
No idea what it says - it is all greek to me
What little is left of Sparta
Cacti flowering on the archaelogical site

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Corinth May 9th 2017

It's our last day in Athens. Getting up early we went down for breakfast. Another good breakfast. Would we recommend this hotel ? Yes we would . Value for money indeed and the best we have had in any city. We were sorry to leave it and the bath which we have languished in for the last two nights. Showers are fine but a bath is sheer heaven. We found our way back to Monastraki easily. It is odd how it only takes a few days to orientate yourself in any city. On the way we passed the new cathedral the Mitropoli . A vast modern affair sadly closed so no photo opportunities however we did see the small Byzantine church dwarfed in its wake. Again sadly closed . Buying tickets to return to Kyfissia was ... read more
There is a boat coming
That's us on the bridge
Now you see it .......................

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Corinth May 9th 2017

Acrocorinth is a little like Corinth – not a lot of people visit. You really have to do your homework to find places like these. No buses. No coachloads of visitors . No school children with their teachers. No hype . No charge to go in . Now that makes a change . Visiting all the monuments we have seen so far has been fairly expensive. Our thoughts though are that you only do them once. We may not pass by this way again. If there is a charge so be it . We pay up as we have going through all the toll booths on the motorways in Greece. There are many of them each charging between 4 euros 80 cents and just under 10 euros . I feel that we pay to join a ... read more
The first gate
The second gate
Above the church

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion May 9th 2017

Where in the world is Suzy today? She is sitting in another dusty car park hoping to get into this fascinating place before the bus loads turn up. But before we set out I grabbed the paracetamol and threw two down in the hope that they would make my back stop aching. I don’t know if it is the bed in Suzy, the hiking up and down hills and steps or the fact that I am not exercising or swimming . Whatever it is my sciatic nerve feels trapped and I have “toothache “ in my hip. Glenns chesty cold seems to be heading for a chest infection. He hits the antibiotics Even with all these niggles we are still making the most of this trip and nothing is going to stop us doing what we ... read more
Approaching the gate
You need a giant to lift some of those blocks
Ancient Myceanae  the entrance to the beehive tomb

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