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Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Corinth May 23rd 2018

While the rest of the passengers went off to Athens to brave the crowds, I decided to stay on board and enjoy a message. Good decision. I opted for a what is called a “Perfect Day” and not only was it on sale, the masseuse was not in any hurry. Exfoliation, full body massage, a seaweed wrap, scalp neck and shoulder massage and an eye booster treatment. I melted into the table and purred like a kitten. The sun was strong and I went to the pool for a dip before lunch and then a nap, happy hour and dinner. Have I mentioned I love my life? Following Athens we cruise to Navplion a small waterside town on the southern coast of the Peloponnesus. Today’s tour takes me to Corinth and the history of this part ... read more
Ancient Corinth

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese March 25th 2018

Among the Greeks The alarm sounded as soon as I closed my eyes. At least it felt that way. So after getting roughly 2 hours of sleep within the past 48, we were all up and ready for the day. All 37 of us. The trip package included breakfast and dinner each day and a large spread was waiting for us this morning. These tours have learned through the years that Americans eat a great deal more for breakfast than the Greeks do. They usually just have a roll and coffee. That will just not suffice for us. They had pastries, eggs, ham, turkey, fruit, coffee, juices, rolls, olives, cheeses, cucumbers and tomatoes. I guess all Greek meals have the options of bread, tomatoes, cheese and olives. There was no real plan for today since our ... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese December 18th 2017

Olive Harvest – Rich Pickings We find the serious, patient but constant chatter about, and observation of: the daily weather, the need for more rain to feed the olives before harvest them work for or assist others that do. The fishing boats are mostly removed from their harbour bobbing place so the fishermen too can attend. The bike hire business owner Vaggelis, has his brother return from England where he lives and works to assist with this family endeavour. The cleaner from our accommodation and her husband assist our landlord with his; and across the land families, friends, staff and the elderly all commit to this time of hard physical work, the removal of the fruit , the pruning of the trees , the burning of the excess foliage and and the anticipation of this huge ... read more
Harvest Rainbow!
Silver green leaves and mountain views

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese December 18th 2017

Gritty City Sojourn and Family Joys. December is here and we realise that the thief of time leaves us with a few weeks until we return home ! But first Nina is coming to visit for 6 days and as we are fetching her from Athens we decide it would be silly not to enjoy a night there before collecting her from the airport. It’s many years since we were last there . We have done the sight seeing visits to the Acropolis many times, so decide on this occasion to take in a visit to the Ancient Agora and Temple of Hephaestus and otherwise to just wander the streets and markets, absorbing the atmosphere and enjoying the sunshine whilst stopping for endless coffees , snacks and drinks of course! We stay at the Plaka Hotel, ... read more
Ancient Agora
Arvin Plaka
Athens 1

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Dimitsana November 30th 2017

Musings and adventuring (or as my sister calls it a holiday from our holiday!) We decide before the olive harvest begins, the weather becomes too cool, and we become to horizontal, to take ourselves on a little trip away to the central and northern Peloponnese. Maybe to a few places we have read of, been told of and dreamed of . We started with considering two nights away and extended to three using some of the money our girls gifted us for our 30th anniversary to fund the extra night in a too beautiful and romantic boutique guest house. Thank you lovely girls..... It only seems right to do a little piece here before we set off, on Greek roads, cars, maps and driving.... An education is needed..... baptism of fire, or gradual learning curve – ... read more
Enastron Guest House
Louisos Gorge

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Monemvasia November 22nd 2017

Exploring Richness We begin our 6th week exploring further afield in the Peloponnese; we have done some in the past with visits to Mystra , Sparta, Nafplio, Methoni, Koroni and Pylos and the western Messinian coast .This time to Monemvasia via Gythio to meet Peter for a few days before bringing him home to the Mani for a week! What Riches this land has , in antiquity, in history, in spirit , in time taken and given, in local food and produce, olive trees with their gifts of succulent fruit and oil,in wonderful wine from local vines, in landscape that opens the heart and soothes the soul and in filoxenia (hospitality and welcome) to mention but a few. So being time rich and relaxed to the core off we go, stopping for a coffee in beautiful ... read more
Monemvasia Upper Town views
Monemvasia Upper Town views

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese November 4th 2017

Easing into Autumn Kastana in Kastania The chestnut festival is in full swing when we arrive at 1pm .....parking away from the village we walk up the hill to this beautiful , ancient settlement full of wonderful byzantine churches and usually quiet alleyways with shuttered houses. The path into the main square has tables laden with local crafts and natural products sold by local people and we can smell the chestnuts toasting on the huge fire and bags of them are handed to new arrivals free of charge.... we discover a new love for them (is there any food I don't love I ask myself?!). We are greeted with loud traditional greek music, live from a large stage erected in the central square which is full of people, long tressle tables with benches for communal enjoyment ... read more
Chestnut Festival Kastania3
Chestnut Festival Kastania4
Chestnut Festival Kastania5

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese October 20th 2017

Siga Siga (Slowly, Slowly) So week two began with a walk along the coast road to Trachila, another perfect fishing village at the end of our little stretch of coast road , so still, quiet and peaceful. We left by 10 and walked slowly, absorbing the views of the coast, katifigio caves and rocks, the caves on the hillside , the birds, the butterflies and the clear waters, to arrive eventually in this perfect village and drink iced coffee in a little kaffenion near the harbour under the plane trees. Greek ladies chattered animatedly and still unhurriedly. The buildings overlooking the narrow road and harbour are perfect, their wrought iron balconies and shuttered windows still in the late morning sunshine ... bougainvillea still flowering in the autumn sunshine and the smell of basil and the sea ... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese October 8th 2017

Gettting ready This was no normal preparation and no normal trip..... despite the long time dream and a year of tough decisions : selling our beloved home ; the businesses we had worked so hard to build and put our heart and soul into ; putting it all into motion - providence gave us : One sale at a time(along with the shed loads of bureaucracy, endless phone calls and emails! ) and one change, one letting go, one saying goodbye at a time . For this we are ever grateful. One sale every 3 months is doable we told ourselves and so it happened! And with each one we felt the mixed emotions of heartache, release, relief , fear, trepidation, insecurity, joy, new beginnings and acceptance. And with each one the feeling grew.... of the ... read more
The harbour near our house
Even the vegetarian food is good!
Storm clouds gather over the bay

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion September 5th 2017

Most of the time these days, Maria Chiara and my holidays have something to do with weddings - either ours or other peoples'. On this occasion friends had invited us to their nuptials in Nafplio, a pretty town in the Peloponnese Peninsula, with Greece basking in late summer heat. It's a widely known fact that Greece is a summer paradise, and so plane tickets were incredibly expensive. After days of searching we found cheap tickets arriving on one Greek island and leaving from another, neither of which were particularly close to the wedding. It was a bizarre scheme, despite which we still managed to pull off a fairly stress free holiday and most importantly we didn't miss the wedding (although that was by a fine margin.) Once we had safely negotiated the attendance and enjoyment of ... read more
MC, me and the deep blue sea
Taking a dip in Gerolimenas
Portrait / Self Portrait

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