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Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Monemvasia June 12th 2019

Reminder: the panoramic photos at the start of the blog change every 7/8 seconds and give a larger and clearer image than when viewed with the other photos. Also, there are more photos below the text if you want to skip the diary details; and if you double click on any of the photos you will get an enlarged, clearer image. You can return to the text anytime.. Sunday 9th June: a quiet day after the hill climbing and heat at Epidaurus and Mycenae followed by the journey back to Kalamata. We drove down the eastern side of Kalamata Bay (or Gulf of Messinia to give it it's proper title) to a pretty little village called Kardamyli which is known for its very attractive and historic Venetian era houses; which make a nice change from the ... read more
Main St Kardamymli

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Monemvasia April 29th 2019

It was a long day of driving as we went from Nafplio to the Mani Peninsula via Olympia, so at least the stunning scenery we saw on the Mani coast made the long drive seem worthwhile. Spending six hours in a car with your sister who you haven't seen for a while also presents an amazing opportunity to make up for lost time. It was great to hang out with Fern for an extended period of time, having only caught up with her infrequently and fleetingly ever since I left New Zealand twelve years ago. We still laugh at the same jokes and the same things, but I also found it interesting to discover how we have also both changed and grown over the last twelve years. We finally got to our final destination for the ... read more
Lording Over Monemvasia
The Church Of Agia Sophia
Paint A Picture

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Monemvasia July 28th 2018

Après avoir écumé les’ sites archéologiques de l’Argolide, nous avons pris une route magnifique - bord de mer, gorges, montagne - pour atteindre un petit village sur un rocher: Monemvasia Tout cela toujours bien loin de la foule, avec des pauses baignade et salades grecques toutes plus agréables les unes que les autres La dernière étape nous a menés dans le Magne, ou nous avons une vue magnifique depuis le balcon : nous étions aux premières loges pour l’eclipse de lune !... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Monemvasia November 22nd 2017

Exploring Richness We begin our 6th week exploring further afield in the Peloponnese; we have done some in the past with visits to Mystra , Sparta, Nafplio, Methoni, Koroni and Pylos and the western Messinian coast .This time to Monemvasia via Gythio to meet Peter for a few days before bringing him home to the Mani for a week! What Riches this land has , in antiquity, in history, in spirit , in time taken and given, in local food and produce, olive trees with their gifts of succulent fruit and oil,in wonderful wine from local vines, in landscape that opens the heart and soothes the soul and in filoxenia (hospitality and welcome) to mention but a few. So being time rich and relaxed to the core off we go, stopping for a coffee in beautiful ... read more
Monemvasia Upper Town views
Monemvasia Upper Town views

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Monemvasia July 31st 2017

Today we joined with fourteen other passengers to catch a small bus from the port of Gythion to Monemvasia. The town is located on a small island off the east coast of the Peloponnese, the island was separated from the mainland by an earthquake in 375 AD. The island is now linked to the mainland by a short causeway 200m in length. Its area consists mostly of a large plateau some 100 metres above sea level, up to 300 metres wide and 1 km long, the site of a powerful medieval fortress. We entered through the lower town gate, learning that the town's name derives from two Greek words, mone and emvasia, meaning "single entrance". We were lucky to have a guide with us to explain the history of this beautiful town as we wandered the ... read more
On way to Monemvasia
Monemvasia, looking down to the lower town

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Monemvasia May 11th 2017

Suzy the motorhome has just driven past the aire in Monemvasia, over the causeway and headed up the hill towards the old town where she found a parking spot almost at the top. There were a number of cars already parked up the hill and we thought the place would be heaving however it appeared that most of those cars belonged to the residents who would have found it impossible to park next to their homes due to the low and narrow gateway to the town. This gateway gives no indication of the beauty of the place within the walls. Monumvasia is another hill town fortified and built on two levels. Yes you guessed it - the Lower Town and the Upper Town. It sits on a rock some 1150 feet above sea level and is ... read more
Venetian belltower in Monemvasia
Along the ramparts
tiny lanes

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Monemvasia October 3rd 2015

I am just testing this first blog. I've just returned from Greece.... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Monemvasia August 5th 2015

We flew from Samos to Athens, because a one hour flight was preferable to the 9 hour ferry that would have chewed up a whole day. So after a morning of swimming and recovering from the BBQ and booze the night before we arrived at a cheap hotel in a less appealing part of town and had gyros for dinner before retiring for the night. Next morning we caught a bus south. No need to see any of the ancient wonders that Athens has to offer, as we did all of that when we last visited in 2005 and I doubt it would have held Nathan’s attention for very long. Our next destination would be Monemvasia on the Peloponnese peninsula. Monemvasia is a very large rock, connected to the mainland by a small bridge. On the ... read more
Main square of Monemvasia
Looking back from the water
Mealtime, looking over the main square

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Monemvasia September 12th 2013

The Peloponnese - Day 5 Thursday 12th September It was so nice to wake up somewhere quiet and nice, although a barking dog did break the silence during the night. We were the only guests at Marino Rooms and so sat alone outside for breakfast. It was pretty simple: bread, greek yoghurt, grapes, cake, marmalade and freshly squeezed orange juice. Coffee was nescafe though. So now was time for my first go at driving, only going less than a mile down the hill to the Ancient Corinth archaeological site. This was a fair size and €6 each to get in. It had your standard doric pillars, stray dogs and knee high walls with accompanying diagrams showing what it was like back in the day. It was pretty empty to start with as we were there at ... read more
Ancient Corinth
Ancient Corinth
Mangy dog at Ancient Corinth

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Monemvasia October 9th 2011

Due to a general strike, my visit to Ancient Corinth (yes, the place where Apostle Paul wrote the letters to the Corinthians) was cut short. I did get to see some things from outside the perimeter though, like the ruins of a town located outside the city and also the temple of Apollo. The Corinthians were pagans before Paul converted them to Christianity, so temples and idols of the Olympic deities were still found among the ruins at Corinth. I was also able to see the walls of the ancient acropolis of Corinth (most ancient city centers are located on the top of a steep hill/mountain so that the city can see possible threats and also defend itself from outsiders. After leaving Ancient Corinth, I headed to the coast of the Peloponnesus to the walled city ... read more

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