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Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Corinth September 21st 2022

21 EYLÜL 2022 ÇARŞAMBA Sabah kahvaltıya zor yetiştik.. sorunumuz şu elimde çok eskiden aldığım bir MIO GPS cihazı var bu çalışıyor ama güncel değil. Elimde bir de interneti olmayan bir telefon var onu da internetin olduğu bir yerde ayarlamak gerek. Bir şekilde kapanırsa bir daha ayarlamak mümkün değil .. bir de Sveta nın interneti olan ve çalışan bir telefonu var .. İşte bu üçlüye dayanarak seyahat ediyoruz .. Bazan benim MIO ile telefonum arasında görüş ayrılıkları oluyor orada da benim GPS e göre karar veriyoruz… Bugün programda Eski Korinth var .. Yollar karmaşık olmasına rağmen, 0 fena puanla yeri bulduk. Aracı park ettik .. Bendeniz yaşım ve oturma iznim sayesinde bu ören yerlerini çok ucuza ziyaret edebiliyorum Onun dışında biletler uçuk üstelik bir de b... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Corinth September 20th 2022

20 EYLÜL 2022 SALI Otobanda Atina’yı by pass ederek Korinth yoluna girdik.. Otelimiz Korinth e yakın Kokkoni Beach denilen bir yerde . Kokkoni beach i araki bulasın .. yerli halk bile bilmiyor Neyse bir benzinci yardım etti.. Oteli, mehter marşı ile üç ileri bir geri formatında bulduk.. Deniz kıyısında hoş bir otel ... balkonumuz da güzel. Keyfimiz yerine geldi .. günü taçlandırmak adına bir de deniz yaptık.. Denizi güzel ama kalitesi bizim oraları tutmaz … Duşlarımız alındı ve gece kayıntısı için korinth civarına gitmeye karar verdik … Mevsim bitmiş, her yerde hüzün var… Sveta seçici... Bir etçide karar kıldık... tavuk falan ile karnımızı doyurduk .. Otele döndük Balkonda biraz pizlenme ve arka... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Corinth June 15th 2019

There's only one panoramic photo at the start of the blog but there are more photos below the text if you want to skip the diary details; and if you double click on any of the photos you will get an enlarged, clearer image. You can return to the text anytime. Thursday 13th June: a big drive for a short rail journey? Strange as it seems that's what we planned to do as there's a railway from Diakofto on the Gulf of Corinth to a ski resort called Kalavryta up in the mountains behind Diakofto. Also, we both fancied taking a look at the Corinth Canal which cuts across the narrow isthmus that connects the Peloponnese with the rest of mainland Greece; which was just off the fast route to Diakofto. So we set off quite ... read more
Heading north towards Corinth
Corinth Canal
Corinth Canal

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Corinth May 23rd 2018

While the rest of the passengers went off to Athens to brave the crowds, I decided to stay on board and enjoy a message. Good decision. I opted for a what is called a “Perfect Day” and not only was it on sale, the masseuse was not in any hurry. Exfoliation, full body massage, a seaweed wrap, scalp neck and shoulder massage and an eye booster treatment. I melted into the table and purred like a kitten. The sun was strong and I went to the pool for a dip before lunch and then a nap, happy hour and dinner. Have I mentioned I love my life? Following Athens we cruise to Navplion a small waterside town on the southern coast of the Peloponnesus. Today’s tour takes me to Corinth and the history of this part ... read more
Ancient Corinth

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Corinth May 9th 2017

Acrocorinth is a little like Corinth – not a lot of people visit. You really have to do your homework to find places like these. No buses. No coachloads of visitors . No school children with their teachers. No hype . No charge to go in . Now that makes a change . Visiting all the monuments we have seen so far has been fairly expensive. Our thoughts though are that you only do them once. We may not pass by this way again. If there is a charge so be it . We pay up as we have going through all the toll booths on the motorways in Greece. There are many of them each charging between 4 euros 80 cents and just under 10 euros . I feel that we pay to join a ... read more
The first gate
The second gate
Above the church

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Corinth May 9th 2017

It's our last day in Athens. Getting up early we went down for breakfast. Another good breakfast. Would we recommend this hotel ? Yes we would . Value for money indeed and the best we have had in any city. We were sorry to leave it and the bath which we have languished in for the last two nights. Showers are fine but a bath is sheer heaven. We found our way back to Monastraki easily. It is odd how it only takes a few days to orientate yourself in any city. On the way we passed the new cathedral the Mitropoli . A vast modern affair sadly closed so no photo opportunities however we did see the small Byzantine church dwarfed in its wake. Again sadly closed . Buying tickets to return to Kyfissia was ... read more
There is a boat coming
That's us on the bridge
Now you see it .......................

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Corinth October 3rd 2016

This morning we are in Nafplion, Greece, basically a port town. But it is the gateway to some ancient ruins with a fascinating story: Corinth and Mycenae. Our tour guide is Lalia, a no-nonsense woman with a deep knowledge of the history of the area. We board our coach and head out of town. The landscape is Greek as I remember it: dry, rolling hills, dotted with low plants, trees and shrubs, above which rocky mountain outcrops punctuate the sky. It's remarkable that, if you look carefully, virtually every mountain has some ancient ruins perched precariously on its summit. Our first stop is the Corinth Canal. It cuts across the 6.5 km isthmus that connects the Peloponnesian Peninsula from the Greek mainland. Constructed with the help of Hungarian engineers, it was completed in 1893. But it ... read more
Ruins of Ancient Corinth
Temple of Apollo
Ancient Corinth, presentation area

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Corinth August 29th 2015

Yesterday, I purchased an icon entitled Mary, the Storyteller, at the workshop of a Greek Orthodox priest and iconographer. The image depicts Mary tenderly sharing stories with her young son, our Lord Jesus. The theology that can be deduced is that Jesus, a masterful storyteller learned his craft of weaving parables, at least in part, from sitting and listening to his mother and our mother Mary. Today, in Corinth, we witnessed Paul’s letter to the Corinthians come alive as he, too, masterfully wove the fabric of the lives of the local Corinthians into the story of the Risen Christ. This tapestry begins long before Paul with the pre-historic threads of Eden as well as Noah's rainbow of color and continues to gather threads of various colors in ancient Canaan, Egypt, Jerusalem, Babylon and the various lands ... read more
Erastus stone (Corinth)
Synagogue Stone (Corinth)
Terra cotta body parts (Corinth)

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Corinth September 19th 2013

Geo: 37.9215, 23.01 GÜN 21 GÜNLERDEN PERŞEMBE: Muhteşem bir güneş doğuşu ile güne başladım.. Bugün tam anlamıyla tatil ve toparlanma günü.. Tembellik tavan yapıyor… Bir taraftan ihmal ettiğimiz bakımlar yapılıyor.. Akşama mehtaba dalmağa karar verdik.. Bu nedenle en yakındaki kasaba ,Korinth'te bir AVM ye daldım.. Akşam için, Allah ne verdiyse aldım.. Dönüp nevaleyi buzluğa yerleştirdim.. Öğleden sonra o kristal sularda deniz sefaları yaptık.. Sonra önce Şahbaz'ı yıkadım ardından kendimi… Biraz uyku taklidi yapayım dedim.... sinekler asla izin vermedi.. Akşam olunca planımızı yürürlüğe soktuk.. Masa ve iskemlelerimizi sahile taşıdım .. Buzdolabından nevaleyi aldım veee Muazzam bir sofra kurduk …PHOTO_ID_R=hazir-kuvve... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Corinth September 11th 2013

Ancient Corinth - Day 4 Wednesday 11th September Today the adventure really began as we dragged our luggage to the nearest tube and took the train back to the airport to pick up a hire car. Like most tubes I have ridden, as it got further out of town, it went over ground. Unlike most tubes I have ridden, the stations were just raised platforms in the middle of the motorway. Both Glyn and I were rather tired because as Glyn said, when you stay in cheap hotels, you get cheap guests. There was so much shouting, banging of doors and general noise intermittently throughout the night, that we did not get a lot of sleep. Our car hire company didn't have an office and the lady who brought the car to us was 45 minutes ... read more
Syntagma Tube Station
View from a lower part of Acrocorinth

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