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July 1st 2008
Published: July 1st 2008
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Sailing is a whole other thing here, on this boat, than what i first learned five years ago on the Harvey Gamage doing Ocean Classroom

no dock watch
no bow watch
each cabin has it's own head
no hauling on lines
no furling sails
what's a winch?
lines lie on the deck for longer than i'm comfortable with, uncoiled
no charting our plot
"see that island? that's where we're headed?"
fresh water shower
dinner on shore every night

and although it feels cushy
it is so nice to be on the water again
so nice to feel like i'm on the water
sitting at this computer
(where i'm getting free internet for 15 minutes...)
on solid land

my knees are sunburned from todays sail over
we only had the genoa(headsail) out and tacked beautifully a couple of times
we didn't sail yesterday
the seas were too big for their insurance
can't take us out in winds bigger than a force 6
so we hung out in the little town of Vathi (deep in Greek)
on the island of Kalimnos

took a topsy turvy taxi ride to the other side of the island
and a shaded sand/pebble beach
with shrieking kids
and nice waves

sleeping on deck

the smell of deisel as we motor out of the harbor
takes me right back to the gamage

peeing in the toilet listing severely
does also

there are kitties everywhere
waiting for scraps
tackling fishing nets
following us home to the boat

there are goats too
jingling their bells up the impossibly steep slopes

there are windmills on the hill
in pantelli
two are original
six were built three years ago and are outfitted little studios
"a lovely view of the islands"
we can see turkey a little bit away

none of us wear watches
it makes it easier to get into the
mediterranean schedule that way


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