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September 19th 2010
Published: September 19th 2010
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Tuesday to Saturday, Sept 12 to 16

Tuesday: We travelled from Sivota to Kalamos with a stop at Port Leone on the way. A first chance to practice dropping anchor and swimming a long line to shore. Port Leone is a beautiful spot - a deserted little village that was damaged by the 1953 earthquake. The locals keep the church in good condition. We had a nice stroll around the village with beautiful views across the bay.
Well we thought Sivota was interesting backing up to the Quay. Tuesday late afternoon we arrived at Kalamos at the Quay by George’s taverna. Not too busy when we arrived but shortly after the boats kept arriving and were lining up side by side “rafting” together about 8 in a row. A largish catamaran was not far from our bow. Most of the tavernas also have showers so a good way to freshen up before supper. Yet another wonderful meal was had at George’s that evening.

Wednesday: We went from Kalamos to Palairos on the main land. There some wind along the way so a chance for a gentle sail. Then back on the motor as we got closer with the arrival of more wind and the chance to do the med. mooring with a cross wind! Palairos was a nice little town and agricultural base as much as a sail/tourist base. Supper was at Taverna Skamnia very Greek tasty lightly toasted bread with oregano and garlic and in the Greek salad, extra olives by request. We also had goat that evening not a strong flavour cooked slowly in a wonderful sauce.

Thursday: Palairos to Spartakhori. We practiced a couple more moorings along the way as this was our last day with Telemachos - they do get easier with practice. For the night we stayed on a lazy line which required backing up to the dock still but pulling up a line on the way in rather than dropping anchor. Good showers and another great supper.

Friday - Saturday: We were now on our own, no skipper. We decided to stay in the area as there are still lots of boats around and find a good mooring with out too much congestion. We stayed at Ormhos Abelake with the anchor dropped and a line to shore. The bays in this area are reported to have rats so the lines to shore had our “rat” protectors - large water bottles threaded along the line so the rats don’t have a grip as they do the trapeze act from shore to boat. The bay was beautiful - a small taverna ashore with the best showers/toilets yet, sheltered and quiet. It was a short walk over the hill to Vathi for supper and a phone. On Saturday we relaxed, swam and went for coffee Frappe - strong coffee with cream and honey poured over ice. A walk and swim back to Spyros and then off to Lefkas. Shortly before we left another boat dropped anchor over ours so a little manoeuvring was required to leave his line behind. We were glad we’d called ahead to let Nikos from SIB know of our return. On arrival he was there to help with docking. It required going nose to for a while between two of their other boats as there was no quay space available until later. Time to pick up some more supplies and to have James and Elizabeth arrive tomorrow and get Sheila to the bus for Athens on Monday morning.

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19th September 2010

That looked fantastic! I couldn't really picture it before.Thanks for the pictures. I like the hammock one the best! So happy for you all! Love Susan
20th September 2010

Holiday girl
Nice legs, Kate!! Looks like you are having a wonderful holiday. Lola and I are jealous as we freeze our butts off in Sask. Take care, happy sailing, and talk soon.
21st September 2010

Lap it all up!!
I'm loving reading your blog; the sights, sounds and smells you describe -- totally make me want to be there. Hope your weather is just as fantastic. Take lots of pics,k!? Enjoy!
14th October 2010

Loving the Greek words!
What is a Telemachos? is it a skipper? I hope your 'rat protectors' worked and you didn't have any freeloaders sailing with you! Your photo of Kalamos village looks like a fairytale-like place. So lovely. I also love your photos of all the boats in the harbour/dock. One of my favorite sights away from the prairies!

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