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Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Kythira August 9th 2011

I was back again to the island my dad was born for the 5th time but 4th time since the journeys have begun. Visiting a Greek island of your heritage means (especially when travelling there with your dad) you have to listen to the same stories for the umpteenth time about the family history, village life and if you show no interest than an attempt to make you feel guilty that you don’t care is made. So in desperation to get a break from all this I built up enough courage to drive around the island myself. The first time I was here was 1995 and even my last visit in 2009 tourism was not an overload. But with the Greek financial problem set in. Island hoping for the Greek population has become popular. Kythera still ... read more
2 - the water and pebbels
3 - Kaladi Beach
4 - me underwater

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Kythira August 28th 2009

It’s back again Dribblers! A Sort of Homecoming is my alternative way to tell a story and it only happens when I go back to where my father was born. Greece and more specifically Kithira, a tiny island off the Peloponnese coast. It is a special place for not only Greeks but for the backpacker who is looking for traditional Greece. In most Greek islands, real island life has faded into the distance - Not here. Whilst the popular islands have given way to the drunken European package tourist - Kithira is slowly adapting to the modern way of life. The native population is dying off with their next generation coming back every summer from either Athens or Australia. It’s the island every island hopper dreams about. There is even an old Greek song to prove ... read more
Kaldai Beach
Chora from Kastro
Me and thia Koula

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