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August 20th 2013
Published: August 20th 2013
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The cocktail girlsThe cocktail girlsThe cocktail girls

L and H get chummy over strawberry daiquiri and apple martini.
This is a great place for a holiday. We'd like to spend more time here but's Albania tomorrow, which we hear is really an interesting place to go to and we are looking forward to it.

But, Corfu. Yesterday was a quiet one for us. We explored the old town again and struck a flotilla of cruise ships emptying out their cargo onto the streets of the old town just as we arrived via a bus. The bus trip was great because it took us through parts of the city we wouldn't otherwise see. And while Corfu is a tourist destination it doesn't have the infrastructure like hop on, hop offs that bigger places do so this was a good thing to do- public transport, can't beat it. We don't recommend being here when the cruise ships are. Corfu IS a tourist destination but the crowds at this time of the year are something to be missed. Come here outside the high season, unlike us.

The only thing I'd like to say about yesterday's jaunt was the cricket ground left by the Brits. We had dinner beside it last night. It now has an artificial wicket and the
Kassiopi BeachKassiopi BeachKassiopi Beach

For those who love sea swimming - magic!
outfield would give fielders nightmares but it was certainly exuding the feel of a small town cricket ground in the middle of an Ionian island. Ah yes, there'll always be an England....

The rest of the day was relaxing until we tried to find the Mon Repo Palace where, reputedly, that lovely old buffer, Prince Philip, was born. We sort of found it but too late, as it had closed 10 minutes before we arrived. In the area, far more interesting, is where the locals come to swim in the evening. There are stone jettys poking into the sea and families , couples and, probably, tourists enjoying the warm sea and bobbing away for what seems like hours until the evening falls.

We ate in the vicinity and very nice grub it was.

Today, we hired a car and drove north up the coast to investigate what Trip Adviser said was the best beach in Corfu. Gavin drove a Fiat Panda, which at 1000cc made passing an experience (not a good one) and we struck some very winding roads with real hairpin bends. He done well that boy.

Kassiopi was the name of the beach. We were disappointed until we realised we were at the wrong beach, then, when we found the right one we almost agreed with TA. Except for the crowds, A++. Beautiful clear, blue, warm water. A shingly marble pebble beach but nothing tender feet like ours couldn't manage. Beach shoes probably recommended. We enjoyed it hugely.

Later in the day after a siesta (what a great institution) we drove into town, only going up a one way street the wrong way once, which I thought was pretty good! I, Robin, wanted to explore the old fort, so I did so while the others went and had drinks.......something wrong with that picture? The old fort was an experience I'm glad I had but it was a once over lightly.

Tonight we had a very enjoyable last dinner in Corfu, at the hotel, with good food, lots of laughs, some nostalgia for all you guys and family so far away and, probably, way too much Greek red. It was great.

Tomorrow, as already said, we leave for Albania so we may not have Internet access. Don't really know. But, may be out of contact for a few days. If you don't
Corfu old townCorfu old townCorfu old town

A glimpse from the old fort.
here of us for a couple of weeks - please send the cavalry.

Cheers from R, L, G, and H.


21st August 2013

Corfu times
Nice work all. Sounds like so much fun. Love to all of ya. X

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