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May 7th 2006
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Today is our last day in greece, and it sucks to go. I would love to go see a few more places here, but theres not enough time to do it all!! Our bus picks us up at six tonight, then we catch a local ferry to the mainland, and then catch the long ferry ride back to ancona, where brit and i leave kaley and her cousins to catch a train to Rome. we're both sooo excited to go to Rome, we heard that there are 2 Saints dead bodies in the vatican city that miraculously never decomposed and they are both enclosed in glass coffins for people to see. crazy, hey??

Today was really good, actually it was okay because i was really hung over. hah!! last night was the infamous toga party and it was sooo much fun!! There was an ouzo circle, where everyone sits in a huge circle and they have a big bucket of ouzo and just dip shot glasses inside the bucket and pass them around to everyone. then you get a plate smashed on your head!! it kind of hurt, but what can you do. Anyways, off topic there for a second, today we went kayaking around the island, and it was soo beautiful . we went early in the morning so the water was all calm and crystal clear. i didnt have my camera with me, which was too bad, my camera would have definately gotten wrecked.

i hope everyone is well back at home!! I cant believe how much i miss parker!! take care, all!!!



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