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May 30th 2010
Published: May 30th 2010
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Hello, hopefully I am back to give you updates as to what has gone on so far, once again i would like to offer my sincere apologies to you all for the lack of updates over the last few days, not my fault I know, but none the less - very frustrating for us all!!
There is much to tell, so i will do it in stages, i have saved Daves texts and will attempt to pass them on ot you in the best order i can, unfortunately, there is some news that could have wrecked the whole trip. Dave rang me on friday evening to explain what was actually going on, and i made him aware of the lack of blogs that i was able to post and the reasons behind it.
Ok, i think this is the point where I left off, as i say, I hope this is in the correct order .....................
Dave would have liked to have had a detour to Gardiki, but says it was far too hot for that, he saw a gun emplacement surrounded by 10ft walls, he is unsure as to whether its from world war 2 or the Greek civil war.
I have to say at this point, I thought I knew Corfu pretty well having been there on many occassions and toured a lot of the island, but daves trip has opened my eyes as to what lays hidden to us tourists, i am sure dave is enjoying his trip as he must feel the same as i do on that point, anyway back to the matter in hand, he found somewhere that sells shrek ice cream!
In the sand dunes, he saw a german car stuck in the sand and that made him laugh, so as he would, he took pictures, i have no doubt you will all see them on here upon his return.
another quick apology, this one from me and not from my internet provider, i am 'back reading' his texts, some of which are a few days old and finding it difficult to remember as to what he is refferring to in some of them, so my 'deciphering head' is back on!
On to the next day, he started late today (9am) so had brekkie at 8.30, and the sun was up and thankfully the wind had died down from the sea, a long walk mostly on sand dunes and beaches, but the mozzies had attaked his fingers overnight, for those of you that havent experienced the delight of mozzies, you really dont want to, they bite, you itch and sometimes are in pain, and a fair amount of swelling can and is involved (lovely creatures arent they?).
A hard uphill start to the day to gain ridge, great views down to the coast and descended down through 2 mountain villages and onto VOUL TADE's and on through olive groves and heath for another hour, will be at Strongoli in 3 hours, Beer stop. ( why does he have to keep telling me that!!!), he saw 3 snakes, loads of donkeys and several goats.
Ok, as i am playing catch up, i will leave it there for now, post this one and start writing the next blog in the next few minutes


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