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May 22nd 2010
Published: May 22nd 2010
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Dave here. What a nightmare. Got the bus to train station and was waiting on the platform when I realised I'd left my rucksack on the bus!! It contained my passport, money, daily routes, maps, cameras, binoculars. Disaster. I left station and there were police around as they were covering station as it was being used by fans at the Blackpool v Cardiff game. They offered to help me even though they weren't local. They phone bus company. I decide to wait on road as the bus would return that way. The bus duely came and I flagged it down. Luckily for me the driver had my rucksack in his cab and on checking everything was there. Relief or what. Policeman said I was so lucky I should buy a lottery ticket. So I could go on my way and not spend 2 weeks sat at home crying over a lost holiday. Rest of jorney was uneventful so I arrive at Gatwick. Go to check in and deposit my bag; no queue done in less than a minute. Now most people would go to an hotel but I'm on economy so I will watch footie in bar; have a meal and settle for a few hours shut eye on uncomfy seats here with my rucksack well and truly tied to me. I can go departures after 4am. In Corfu Town I'm staying at the Kontstanopoulis Hotel which is near the old port. It was built during the British time in Corfu and has been an hotel since 1878. It has a nice website if you wish to have a look. There is internet access so I hope to put up a message tomorrow night and let you know about my afternoon/evening in Corfu Town and what lovely food I've found to start my holiday.


22nd May 2010

Did You Buy a Lottery Ticket?
Dave this has got to be a good sign for your walk. Now I know the weather will improve on Corfu for you! I stayed in the Hotel Konstinoupolis for twelve days over Easter. Be aware that their Internet can be painfully slow and suddenly go down! David
24th May 2010

Oh no!
I read this at work and when I read that you had lost your rucksack I said "OHHH NOOOO" really loud! So glad you found it! No more time to write as people at work are 'looking'! Annabel x

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