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Europe » Greece » Epirus » Igoumenitsa May 27th 2017

Ding Ding, Ding Ding - it is 2.45 in the morning. Ding Ding - the alarm wakes us in readiness for what will be a long long day. Kalimeera folks for the last time . We freshen up as best we can. We have a drink to wake us up and we try to get Suzy ready for the trip to the docks as quietly as we can. There has been no sound all night. The campsite has been one of the quietest yet which is quite a feat as most of our campsites have been deadly quiet. We creep out trying not to slam doors. We unhook Suzy and take a long last look in the darkness at our Georgie neighbour. He will be staying awhile longer. His vehicle is too big to park anywhere ... read more
The Parthenon under scaffolding
More items from the museum in Athens
Cycladic art - the harp player

Europe » Greece » Epirus » Igoumenitsa May 23rd 2017

All I can say is that I have never been a Margaret Thatcher fan. I hated what she did to the unions in Britain. I disliked how our own Trade Union no longer had teeth. However as I write this I wish Greece would get to grips with their workers. We stayed for what was our last night in Greece at a rather dingy and miserable site - Drapano Beach. Described in the ACSI book as a pleasnt place to stop whilst waiting for your boat. The toilets were described as a little dated. In reality Suzy is parked up in a miserable dull camping ground with no life whatsoever . It took some while to find reception and then lost the staff. There were the usual holiday caravans parked up but these looked as if ... read more
Amaryllis growing in pots
Two on a beach

Europe » Greece » Epirus » Igoumenitsa July 16th 2015

I haven't mentioned the sights & sounds of the beasties much on our travels...if it's not mosquitoes, blow flies, grasshoppers, crickets, moths, butterflies, spiders, ants or nightingales it's the cicadas. These things simply drive you nuts – they're quite small, grey/transparent & can sing/chirrup for their country & in a league of their own. They are just so loud . You normally don't see them but in Greece we did regularly – I had a particularly noisy one in my sandal...not one with my foot in thankfully. Our nice hostess was talking to us when we checked out about the Greek debt etc. “Yes, the new roads & motorways are fantastic & wouldn't have been built without EU money as all government money stays in Athens. If we had good, correct & honest politicians not taking ... read more

Europe » Greece » Epirus » Igoumenitsa March 18th 2014

after a night on the ferry we disembarked in Igoumenitza... read more
grecia 2014
grecia 2014
grecia 2014

Europe » Greece » Epirus » Igoumenitsa July 21st 2012

Geo: 39.5046, 20.2599 GUN 45 GUNLERDEN CUMARTESİ: Şeker gibi bir uykudan sonra yukarıda Ayşeciği buldum .. Bir kahve ile ayılmaya gayret ettik ..saat 9:30 da Igoumenitsa'ya vardık .. Yolu merak edenler için video burada tıklayabilirisiniz Brindisi- Igoumenitsa yol videosu : ... read more
bye corfu
hello Igoumenitsa

Europe » Greece » Epirus » Igoumenitsa August 28th 2011

Day 15 today we were catching the ferry from ancona to igounmisa, it took half the day on the bus then it was an overnight ferry, nothing too exciting except for a new guy on tour (nemo) missed the bus from rome and then only just made it to the ferry before we borded, needless to say he automatically got topdick before he even knew what it was (a game we play on the bus where someone has dome something stupid and the winner has to wear a ridiculous lanyard and add something to it till the next bus/travel day). Day 16 after a good nights sleep on the ferry we then disembarked and drove on the bus to Platira where we starting our sailing. We were quite lucky as we only had 4-5 people to ... read more

Europe » Greece » Epirus » Igoumenitsa July 31st 2011

So fortuitous to have good friends that book their holidays along our route! Just a few days before they flew out Cally (one of my oldest friends) emailed to see if we were going to be anywhere near. A quick divert in the itinerary and we were off to Parga. Its a lovely old fishing village, a harbour with shops and houses set against the hillside. The next bay is a lovely beach, Voltas where we found a campsite, and surprise surprise we were right next to Cally and her partner Chris’s hotel. We spent a lovely few days being totally spoilt. We explored Parga using a little ferry boat service from one bay to the other, stopping frequently for sustenance and ice creams, culminating in a lovely meal overlooking Parga harbour. Cally is rather partial ... read more
Parga Bay
Ali, Cally, and Chris
Voltas Beach

Europe » Greece » Epirus » Igoumenitsa June 16th 2011

Geo: 39.5046, 20.2599 GÜN 48,GÜNLERDEN PERŞEMBE: Saat 11:30 da aslanlar gibi Igoumenitsa limanına bağlandık... 44 gün sonra tekrar Igoumenitsa'ya döndük.. İzlediğimiz seyahatin dairesi burada kapandı ... Minoan Lines benden 10 numara aldı.. Hizmeti makul fiyatla ve mükemmel sunuyorlar.. Ayşe ile yıllardır memlekete Yugoslavya üzerinden dönmüyoruz.Savaştan bu yana İtalya'dan feribotla dönmek bize daha kolay geliyor ... İyi ki bu kez Venedik'ten dönmeye karar vermişiz. Havuzu da Igoumenitsa'ya yaklaşırken doldurdular ... Daha önce doldursalar daha iyi olacaktı... Ama bu kadar kusur ,kadı kızında bulunur... gümrükçüler hiç bakmadı hızlı hız... read more
veee Goody's

Europe » Greece » Epirus » Igoumenitsa May 3rd 2011

Geo: 39.5046, 20.2599 GUN 4 günlerden SALI Normal saatte kalktık. Kahvaltımızı, aheste beste yaptık ve dönüp odayı toparlamaya başladık. Bir şey söyleyeyim mi ? "Şahbaz" otelinde kalmak bir ayrıcalık.. Her ne kadar dağılmayalım diye, sadece ihtiyaçlarımızı arabadan odaya taşıdıksa da ,sonunda bir sürü ıvır zıvır getirdiğimizi anlıyoruz.. Onları tekrar geri götürmek bizi huysuzlaştırıyor.. Acaba bir şey unuttuk mu ? dertlerine düşüyoruz. Paramızı ödedik ....Mariya ile helalleştik ve yolumuza girdik. Üstün bir "zeka eseri" sergileyerek,bu kez kestirme olsun diye, çevre yolu yerine şehrin merkezinden geçme kararı verdim.. Nasıl düştüm bu tuzağa anlamıyorum... Korkunç bir hata …/b... read more

Europe » Greece » Epirus » Igoumenitsa April 23rd 2011

Friday 15th April 2011 Up and off to Ancona to catch the ferry ( 2 days late ) to Igoumenitsa, Northern Greece. Arrived in plenty of time and collected tickets however there were no cabins available and it looks at this stage as though we are going to spend an uncomfortable night in airline style seats. Our departure is delayed due to passengers being diverted from Venice where their sailing has been cancelled. As a result the ship is full to bursting and hope of a cabin diminishes. Max ( god bless ) waits patiently in reception for 2 hours as cabins are allocated to passengers that have been diverted from Venice. Finally the only spare cabin available is offered to us – an outside junior suite sleeping 3 – we take it, the boys can ... read more
View from our pitch
Clear waters
Pitch by the shore

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