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Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion May 31st 2007

Crete and London Tripanonymous Lynda and I made it to Crete after a very difficult 24 hours worth of travelling. We are leaving Heraklion today to hop on a bus to Plakias in southern Crete. We plan to do some snorkeling and maybe some horseback riding. Heraklion is a big city, much like Rome was. Areas of buildings within reach are covered with graffiti using greek and english language. Constructions seems constant here as we have been woken up by someone "knocking" on our wall. Since the buildings here are farely old, the city must work hard to keep them up and renovations are at every corner. My favorite thing so far? The cheap tapestries in the market place, which we will buy when we return, and the street dogs and cats. Of course I favor ... read more

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion May 15th 2007

Well, Dennis realllllly wanted to fight the Minotaur here at Knossos, so I said OK, and here we are in Crete! Certainly the biggest Greek island of them all, really long, really busy, and very Venetian! We arrived in Iraklio last night, and its very metropolitan. Much like Athens, but with less English speaking people. Graffiti, people everywhere, crazy drivers, and definitely a big city feel, over the low key atmosphere of the islands. The ferry ride here was quick (1 hour, 45 min) because we took the high speed ferry. Our last ferry! Ahhhh, I can't say I will miss them, Dennis doesn't mind them as much, but I just think I am a car or plane person. Even the buses here, whew, I do NOT like them, or at least, my stomach doesn't! ... read more
Tasting Raki for the first time
Dennis before tasting...

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion May 14th 2007

After a breakfast at the Garden Café, we got onto the tour busses in Crete to head off to the very famous ancient Minoan site of Knossos. The stretch of road to get there was not far from the ship, but traffic was insane and took us half an hour to get there. However, the day was lovely and there was plenty to see at this amazing site. It was interesting to note that this society dating back 4000 years, had ceramic plumbing and running water - ahead of even many places in third world countries today! After Knossos we headed off to a small village outside of the city. The village was very quaint. There were many stairs to walk up to the top in which we had a nice selection of Greek food ... read more
Crete Village

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion May 6th 2007

Today we saw the ruins at Knossis. It was 95 degrees and the ruins of the palace were rock walls in the middle of a field. There were a few trees and our guide, Vangelis, moved us from shady spot to shady spot as quickly as he could. Then we went to a small village, where Barty had his first Uzo....just like moonshine! The past two afternoons it has gotten very misty over the water....kinda strange. We disembark tomorrow a.m....... See you soon!... read more

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion September 12th 2006

Joey and I thought the best thing after a couple of busy months at work would be a break in the sunshine!! So we jumped on a plane and headed to a nice warm spot in Crete. Our bags were packed for swimming, clubbing, hiking, mountain treking, you name it!! We were happy to out of London and appreciating long warm days lazing by the pool sipping on cocktails!! Our accomdation, Erie Palace was set high upon a great hill with a lovely view of the Heraklion coast. The food was great, the people were great, we loved it!!! Most nights we went for a stroll along the promenade, where the cafes and night clubs were buzzing with people...if you felt like an ice cream, a coffee, a yeros, a coktail, a was all there ... read more
Santorini's Volacano
Santorini's Volacano

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion June 11th 2004

My task was to organise 8 girls together on holiday!!! Luckily it wasn’t a hard task at all because everyone knew each other and got on really well!!! We stayed at the Aloi Hotel which was stunning! Our rooms were nice and clean and had loads of room. First day was soooooooooo hot outside!!! We all went to the poolside to do a bit of bathing and of course the sleepyheads (Vicks & Dania) were the last to get up! We then walked over to the beach which was about a 20 minute walk and decided to eat some lunch at a nearby restaurant! On the way back to our hotel, we (except Dania & Renee) booked a trip to the Samaria Gorge at a nearby travel office then walked back to our hotel to have ... read more
eating by beach
hitting the town
Samaria Gorge

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion August 22nd 1995

And the crowd goes wild...oh, well, not exactly wild, the drunken crowd is giving a polite applause after our performance. But we buy it. Our version of ”Hotel California” would probably never have made the lists anyway…Any lists. Ever. I got the feeling we weren’t very synchronized. A feeling that was confirmed afterwards by my friend saying: ”Hey, did you notice in the ceiling? They had a TV screen with the song text. I saw it halfway through the song. Cool.”. The secret concept of karaoke has been revealed. The world will never be the same again. ... read more

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