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Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Vergina April 29th 2017

Can things continue to go wrong? Oh yes they can. Upon returning from paying for our night stop I heard a buzzing. A loud one much louder than the bees humming in the trees picking up nectar for this years honey crop.It was coming from Suzy. To be precise it was coming from Snoopy the sat nav. It gave up. It died a death and refused to work. We were lucky. Only a few weeks ago we managed to buy a new Sally Sat Nag so she had to come into play. Typically the one we need with Camperstops in has packed in. I also needed to be vigilant as Sally does not take Suzy's vital statistics so my job involved looking for narrow roads before we got to them and avoiding low bridges. We feel ... read more
Entance to the tomb
Roses everywhere

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Vergina October 11th 2016

Day 18 - Sun. Oct. 9 - Port of call: Thessaloniki, Greece. Weather: Sunny with scattered clouds, temperatures of 75°F/24°C This city was founded in 315 B.C. and is named after Alexander the Great’s stepsister. This area has played an important role throughout Greek history. It has been subjected to the outside rule of Romans, Byzantines, and the Ottoman Empire for centuries. The area is steeped in Greek mythology with Mount Olympus overlooking the Thermaic Gulf where the city lays. Our early morning excursion took us 90 km northwest of the city to the archaeological site at Vergina, which is home to Aigai, the sacred city of the Macedonian Kings. It was here in 1977 that the tomb of Philip II, Alexander the Great’s father, was discovered and excavated by Manolis Andronikos. Under the cover of ... read more
Site sign
Tomb mound
Museum entrance

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Vergina July 29th 2014

Today I took a day trip to the museum that houses the tombs of Alexander the Greats father and son. It is a cool place - the museum is actually built around the actual tombs, so they are in situ. There were no photos allowed, however, so none of the coolness is shown here. It was a long day trip for somewhere so close - the bus connections were bad. I had to take a bus to the bus station (30 min). Got right on the bus to Veria (60 min). Had an hour wait for the bus to Vergina (about 40 min). I was dropped off practically at the museum, so that was easy, but I'm glad I had asked in Veria about buses back, as there were not many. I arrived at 12pm and ... read more
Museum and tombs under here
Museum and tombs under here

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Vergina June 9th 2009

From Ancona to Vergina. We managed to upload some entries from the ferry though the connection was very slow. We didn't sleep well though I usually sleep very well on boats. The room smelled funny, the beds were uncomfortable and very far apart and I was worried that I would oversleep and we would miss Igoumenitsa. We got a cup of coffee before disembarking, proving we were no longer in Italy. I don't really understand why it's not possible to get proper expresso outside Italy as, in Italy, everywhere seems able to make it. We met up with Mick (a biker from Ireland we met in Ancona) for breakfast n the harbour front then headed for the Via Egnatia. Which does seem to be almost finished. There was one, short technical section around Ionnana. There were ... read more
Ashley ın Vergına
Hılary ın Vergına

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Vergina April 18th 2009

From Austin and Lily: We have been traveling extensively for the last few days. We saw many sites and views. Two days ago, we saw the city of Volos and the small villages high in the mountains next to it. Our lunch consisted of Tzaziki, bread, cucumber salad at 2pm. Most stores close between 2-5pm, when people eat their lunch. The stores reopen between 5-9pm, and they have dinner at 9pm. ---- Today, we visited Mt Olympus and hiked for 5 hours. There was snow on top of the 9000 foot peaks, but we didn’t make it to snow level. Our “school lessons” were received in view of the mountain, and for science we talked about how mountains form and the different types. I was looking forward to seeing Aries, the God of War, on a ... read more
Mt Olympus
Valley of Greece
Prayer House

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Vergina June 20th 2008

On Greek roads. Arrived in Vergina, tomorrow we do the tourist stuff, the tomb of Phillip. More on this later, from Hilary. Greek roads. The Greeks seem to build roadside shrines at places people get killed in accidents, so it goes without saying that Shrines per Kilometer is a good indication of how dangerous the road is. After Vergina we head for Igoumenitsa, maybe in one day, maybe two. The Greeks are building an EU standard highway between Thessalonika and Igoumenitsa, but it is only complete in places, credit where due, the terrain is not easy. Anyway on EU standard highways there are far less Shrines per Kilometer than on the regular roads. Every now and then (and we have no idea where) the motorway is going to stop and the road become narrow, one lane ... read more
Albanian Lager
Nature Park

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Vergina April 1st 2005

Április 1-én reggel ismét útnak idultunk Thessalonikből, hogy felfedezzük Görörgország szépségeit. Ezúttal azonban csak ketten ültünk a kocsiban, mert Szilvi úgy döntött, hogy nem jön el velünk, inkább tanul. Most nem kelet, hanem nyugat felé vettük az irányt, első megállónk Vergina volt. Vergina a macedón királyság első fővárosa volt, és miután a főváros Pella lett, akkor is Vergina maradt a királyok temetkezési helye. II. Philippost pedig itt gyilkolták meg Kr.e. 336-ban a lánya esküvőjén. Az itt található múzeum az egyik leghíresebb és legdrágább is, a felnőtt jegy 6 euró volt, a paszóval (görög diák) ingyenes volt, lehet hogy nemzetközi diákkal is be lehet jutni ingyen. A múzeum egy földkupacra (tumulus) épült, amely alatt a királysírok találhatók. 4 sírt tártak fel teljesen, közűlük a 2. majdnem... read more
A palota Verginában
Macedón sír

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