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December 28th 2011
Published: April 25th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

While in Athens, we did a day trip to Delphi. Ancient Greeks believed that Delphi's famous oracle could tell them what fate had in store for them. Legend would have it that Apollo the god of the oracle would speak through Pythia, his priest, who would in turn speak to whatever priest happened to be on shift, who would in turn speak to the pilgrim seeking Apollo's wisdom. Ancient greeks believed that Apollo knew everything, including what had happened in the past and what would happen in the future.

The priests who talked to Pythia, who in turn talked to Apollo, became rather powerful diplomats/counsellors with many a VIP seeking Apollo's knowledge before waging wars or starting major projects. At the temple itself it was written 'Know thyself' with the connotation being that one should never believe that he/she is more than a simple human being and thus that he/she could escape his/her fate, whatever that might be.

Delphi is situated in a beautiful spot and I would have quite liked to have walked there from Athens, to have been able to truly appreciate its beauty and isolation, as one would have many years ago. Unfortunately I wasn't to have the time, nor the pleasure and I had to make do with 3-4 hours in a spot that I could quite frankly have spent 3-4 weeks at, had I had the time or the money.

While there we walked around and then had some local specialties in a restauraunt with a magnificent view over the valley. We watched sunset there, before heading back to Athens where I think I began the biggest bender I had been on for a long while.


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