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August 14th 2009
Published: August 14th 2009
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Well Kathy and I arrived safely after a very long flight from Melbourne. 14 hours to Dubai... they were the most uncomfortable of my life. But we are here! Just waiting for the Ferry for Syros to leave, we will arrive at 10.30pm tonight. I will post photos later.

Lots of people have come up to me on the ferry wanting to know how I have internet access for my laptop... one lady even wanted me to confirm her flight booking! I turned on the computer more because after three hours of waiting I am very bored and also to check to see if the wireless broadband works.

Ferry doors are now closing.



17th August 2009

islands of blue water (green with envy)
Hi Amy 14 hrs to Dubai is a VERY long flight and yes, extremely uncomfortable! It was a bit cheeky of the lady to ask you to check her flight details, but very generous of you to do so. Hope the ferry ride was enjoyable, guessing you were able to move around a bit unlike the flight. Thinking of you now in the the islands of blue water, green with envy. I have always wanted to go to the Greek Islands! Happy travelling! Deb
17th August 2009

mum's health
Hi Amy, see why I am not looking forward to doing the same trip with two children. Good to hear you're there safely. How did your mum go on the journey? Missing you already Emma
18th August 2009

Rye news
All is well in Rye, fed the worms and will check the letter box today. have lots of fun. Marie
18th August 2009

So is it hot?Is the food great? is the music loud? Are you two being good? How is the ankle? xoxoxoxxo
18th August 2009

Forgot my Greek name- Artemis and put in ordinary old Dianne Margaret xoxox
18th August 2009

Don't you have anycoverage over there? Am waiting to hear about your adventures xoxox

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