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September 30th 2013
Published: October 1st 2017
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Geo: 37.9792, 23.7166

Slept in until 8:30am. Went to breakfast at the upstairs restaurant, with a view over the Acropolis. Lovely! Around 9:30am, we headed towards the Acropolis, walking through the narrow streets. I'm still amazed at how much graffiti is all over the walls, mostly very taggy and artful. We bought our tickets and entered near the smaller of the two theaters. The path we followed took us around the base of the Acropolis, where few people walked. We saw a few small caves which were the site of various rights, including a secret rite of Aphrodite. It was cool on that side, in the shade. Around noon, we passed a dig, where graduate students were just breaking for lunch. Then, up the hill to the Acropolis itself. It was crowded, of course, but I imagine it can be much worse, especially because there is space for a snaking queue down below. The site is well-signed, and, combined with our prior reading, I felt like we saw the site well. I think I liked the erectheon best … those strange catydaids supporting the roof, and the odd, jumbled floor plan. The Parthenon is lovely, with its squishy columns and curved roof. We contemplated the "problem of the corners" as the Doric columns could not be equally spaced when turning the corner. Is this true of Ionic as well? Is it really a Doric problem? Need to do more research.

The view was spectacular, and we believe we were there on a relatively clear day.

Wandering down again, it was almost 1:30pm, so we went off in search of lunch. Found a decent restaurant in a square, in the shade, and had a good meal. Then walked back to the hotel for a brief break. Out again in the late afternoon for a stroll through the streets, to admire a church or two (one from the outside, one from the inside), then to have a coffee. The one older one (12<sup>th</sup> century) had still deep carvings, mostly of animals eating each other, as well as a couple of animals, like wolves, eating themselves. It was a bit strange. Wandered some more then had a drink at another café before returning to the hotel. We weren't hungry, so we bought a small sandwich each, which we ate later. I worked for a while, then we went to bed about 11pm.


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