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September 12th 2014
Published: September 12th 2014
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Soaking It Up.Soaking It Up.Soaking It Up.

Traveling around Santorini on a quad bike stopping to soak up the views. Magic!!
Well, here I am and I'm actually at home in NZ now. We arrived home a few days ago, Di with a bad cold and both of us jet lagged. So just been getting back into the swing of things and getting our feet back on the ground. I would have done a blog earlier but as my lap top decided to go on a little adventure by its self. and it has only deemed it necessary to return to me yesterday, I couldn't. Di and I left Athens and flew to Heathrow, London, and while on the tube shuttle between terminals 2 and 5, I discovered that I didn't have my lap top anymore. {Sudden Exclamation, actually several of them}. Silly me. The security at Athens was very demanding and when picking everything up out of the 3 trays they had me use and recovering from the searches, I must have put my lap top on a table and walked away. SO!!!!. Even though it drives me crazy sometimes, I really love my Mac Air. And it has so much data and so many photo's on it, I was very upset. I'm sure you all understand. Anyway, with the help
Iced Coffee.Iced Coffee.Iced Coffee.

My favorite drink for picking me up and refreshing me. Drank many of these over the time in the hot climates.
of a fantastic lady at British Airways, after she made 5 or 6 calls to Athens, she located it for me and even talked to our hotel to get a message to Warwick and Pam who were leaving the next day. They picked it up for me and bought it back to NZ then couriered it down to me. I am very lucky and it was great that Warwick and Pam could pick it up.I think I owe them a few wines. So now back to Santorini, which we loved and hope sometime to return to. Then off to Athens, Di and I, only for a couple of days, and then we left Warwick and Pam to stay there and made our way to London. We were only in London for 4 hours, most of that used for locating my wayward lap top, then off to San Francisco for a few days. Loved San Fran and will return there sometime for longer so we can really get around. Fisherman's Wharf area was neat, loved the buzz, and clinging to the outside rail of the cable cars, joking and talking to all the people swinging around beside you, was heaps of
Good Food.Good Food.Good Food.

A starter of bread and dips. Very very nice and well presented.
fun. And now the last 3 months will disapear but every now and then return to remind us just how lucky we are to have this time to travel, and with pretty good health, create some fantastic memories that we can look back on in the years to come. I will be continuing with my blog as usual as I hope to be filling my time with lots if things. We will be catching up with family and friends over the next couple of weeks and then up to the Hawkes Bay to be on grandchild duty so life will be pretty full. Oh, perhaps a little fishing. Catch you all. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and thanks for the odd comment. I really enjoy it. Pip/Rod

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This doesn't look like a big meal but it was beautiful. Love sea food.
Cruise Ship off SantoriniCruise Ship off Santorini
Cruise Ship off Santorini

Every day there was at least one ship in. This one was huge and we meet people of it in Athens a few days later. Very impressive.
Amazing Santorini.Amazing Santorini.
Amazing Santorini.

You could spend a couple of weeks here and still discover new alleys.
Taking It In.Taking It In.
Taking It In.

Very easy to just stop and look and take it all in.
Taking It In.Taking It In.
Taking It In.

Very easy to just stop and drink it all in. The local brew was good.
Just Enjoying It.Just Enjoying It.
Just Enjoying It.

A holiday doesn't last forever so you have to enjoy it while you can. If it is in a place like this it is very easy to do just that.
Peaceful Scenes.Peaceful Scenes.
Peaceful Scenes.

Just sitting in the twilight watching this is just so serene.
Lets Dance.Lets Dance.
Lets Dance.

A young couple enjoy a slow dance in this loverly place. Actually they are not really a couple, just a salt and pepper that took my fancy.
Night Time.Night Time.
Night Time.

Magic. It really is.
Good-Bye Santorini.Good-Bye Santorini.
Good-Bye Santorini.

Leaving the hotel were we spent a lot of time swimming in the pools. There were 6 of them. Never crowded.
Hello Athens.Hello Athens.
Hello Athens.

The view from our hotel balcony. The Temple of Zeus, just a few hundred years old.

13th September 2014
Amazing Santorini.

One of my favorite places on earth
13th September 2014
Amazing Santorini.

I Can Understand Why.
Thanks for your comments and, Yes, it is magic.

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