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August 12th 2013
Published: August 12th 2013
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An apology; especially to Bruce and Glenda but also to everyone. After publishing I see lots of typos that I haven't picked up and I abhor that sort of thing in others so a big slap on the hand for me. I blame the iPad in part (seriously I do) as I'm still finding my way around the keyboard. I'm sticking to that anyway. Rob Neil would also be turning in his grave if he was in it.

So, Athens Day 2:

There's not really a lot to say as the historic sights are so well documented and photographed that you'd do better looking them up on Google. We caught the bus to the Acropolis and joined thousands of others walking the hill and snapping away on their digitals. it was hot and dusty but the magnificence of what had been overwhelms all that. Initially we felt that not enough was being done to protect or restore the site but a lack of money can't disguise the heroic efforts of dedicated teams doing what they can to maintain this wonderful monument to ancient achievements.

Wandered down a side track later through very Greek looking houses past a number of tavernas where we stopped in the shade and ordered lunch and a beer. Prices for food are very reasonable as are drinks so no complaints about expense.

Then down to the Acropolis Museum - a/c heaven and mind blowing for the exhibits salvaged from the Acropolis and displayed with clear descriptions and graphics. Well worth doing. The artistry of the sculptors and masons is staggering when you consider the tools and methods they used.

On to the old Olympic Stadium where we paid pilgrimage as, for those of you who don't know, Gavin is an ex Olympian (1972 Munich Games 10000 metres). The floor of the Stadium on the track was a furnace as it was the middle of the afternoon. I'd like to say I managed a jog down the straight but......still, we communed with all the ghosts of past Olympians.

Back at the hotel we siesta'ed under the luxury of a/c before heading out later into the eatery heart of the city where we had a beer and then stayed there, cast, for our meal. Talking to the waiter, a young man, he'd finished his IT Degree but couldn't get a job hence the waiting job. "Greece bad" he said. Our helpful concierge said much the same thing although his words were, "Greece stuffed' government corrupt etc". After our meal we walked through streets alive with light, crowds, tavernas, shops, hustlers and above us the floodlit Acropolis. Athens looks much better at night. Lit up buildings and the darkness hiding the dirt and litter.

We passed a group of cops on a corner lounging on their motor bikes, smoking, joking, looking like the local motor bike gang out for a night. Made me feel very proud of our Police Service.

So, back to the room for our last sleep in Athens before we were in a taxi next morning heading to Paleros and our beach side 10 days.

That'll be the next issue.

Cheers everyone.

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