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March 27th 2010
Published: April 5th 2010
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Today I headed back to Iraklion so that I could catch my night ferry back to the mainland. I decided to find a nice bench near the water and soak up some sun while listening to the waves crash in.


The ferry arrived on schedule but with day light savings I lost an hour and was unable to get a seat on the train to Thessaloniki; my plan being to get the 7am train to Thessaloniki and spend the day there and get the night train on to Sofia. Unfortunately, all trains to Thessaloniki for the whole day, I don’t know how this happens but apparently it does, were completely full. My only option left was to spend the day in Athens and then take the night train to Sofia straight from Athens. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t get to Thessaloniki and having already spent 3 days in Athens unsure of how to fill my day but it seems to have gone pretty well.

My first stop was to check out the changing of the guards again but today it was a much smaller ceremony. The two guards on duty did their foot stomping, arm swinging dance. I was able to get some really great shots that I was unable to get before because of the crowds watching.
I went back to the park and sat by the turtle pond again and pondered the life of turtles. It is strange that they just climb all over each other sometimes stopping to sit on top of each others shells. It makes me wonder if they are blind or think each other are rocks. Although, I think one turtle actually thinks himself to be a rock. He is so filthy and covered in dirt and barely moves an inch. He just sits amidst the rock pile being oh so very rock like.

I left the turtle pond and picked a nice grassy spot. I lay on top of my bag and put my feet up on top of some toppled over ruins of some sort. I soaked up the sun and watched some kids play soccer. One little boy, about 3 years old, seemed to be curious about me so he kept kicking his ball near me so he could come pick it up. A few times he would hit my leg with his hand as he ran past, looking to see what I would do. I just laughed and once when I saw him sneaking up behind me I turned and yelled “boo” and he jumped and ran.

After a few hours in the sun, and a hilarious sunglasses tan, I decided to go back to the Temple of Olympian Zeus to catch it before it closed. I made it in time and walked around the massive pillars. I didn’t realize that the pillars were not just one big solid stone but actually many slivers of stone that are stacked on top of each other to make one big pillar. I wandered around until they were closing the gates.

I headed back through Plaka to grab another Greek salad and gyros before going back to the train station to wait for my night train.

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17th April 2010

Wow Athens
The pictures are wonderful. I find it hard to imagine actually being there to see such ancient ruins. Always in awe.

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