Day 56 & 57: Athens, Greece

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January 21st 2010
Published: January 23rd 2010
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Day 56 & 57, Thursday 1/21 - Friday 1/22, 2010.

Day 56: Thursday, January 21, 2010.
Athens, Greece.

I sleep in late today and love it. My only plan today is to hit up some stores because I need warm weather clothes and some sandals. The concierge confirms that my best bet on getting all of this at a cheaper price is the mall. Which, ironically enough, is named "The Mall". It's about 30 minutes away by Metro and I can't say anything exciting happened. I found one t-shirt that was cheap enough and that was it. I looked into the times that they were showing "Sherlock Holmes" but the first showing was hours away and I wasn't going to spend hours at a mall. I wandered around the hotel neighborhood some more and picked up some dinner at the grocery store and headed back to the hotel where I spent a good couple of hours writing this blog. And now it is up to date... that won't last. I doubt I'll get Cairo updated until New Zealand, so be prepared for silence (check my Facebook page- I update that more than this.)

Tomorrow is last my last day in Athens and, even though things have gotten much better and I no longer fear for my life, I am ready to move on.

Day 57: Friday, January 22, 2010.
Athens, Greece.

Yup, just hung out in the hotel room and updated 99%!o(MISSING)f the blog (the last 1%!c(MISSING)ouldn't be updated because I used up my allotted bandwith for the day- I hate paying for Internet. So, spent the rest of the evening re-packing Monstro and preparing for Cairo tomorrow! 😊


24th January 2010

You packed 10 kittens in your bag?
If you wear Monstro on some of the stairs, Egypt won't seem so bad.
24th January 2010

I thought for sure that your last entry was going to say that you were shipping three dogs, fourteen cats and a turtle back to the States for all your friends and family to foster until your return in May.
4th February 2010

Pet Rescue
Yeah, Sweetie needs a pet turtle to keep her company while I'm at work.

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