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April 15th 2009
Published: April 17th 2009
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April 15, 2009
Alex and Geneva left early this morning for Nexos. They were up and out the door by 5am-ish. Sarah and I slept in until 10-10:30. Neither of us set any alarms, so that was really nice. We got up and showered and then went headed down to the souvenir shops in the area around the Acropolis.
We found breakfast/lunch on the way down at a little café. We sat in the café for a while because, of course AND go figure, it started to pour buckets outside. We waited and then proceeded to head on down.
We actually spent time in stores; last time we were rushing through. I actually compared prices as well, so I think that I got the best deals. I spent money on sterling silver earrings made in Greece for myself and I bought a “stolen” Greek flag as well.
The first day we walked down to the acropolis, we were looking at the vendors on the street that sold purses and flags and such, and they were dirty and used looking. We were pretty sure they were stolen, so that is why I wanted one😊 Why not!? We walked down a couple of streets that we didn’t explore before. We came across a 3 story Starbucks and went inside because we both needed a toilet. Of course, I ended up spending money on a Cappuccino Freddo. It wasn’t that good at Starbucks, but I wanted one last one before I left Greece.
Right across the street was a Greek Orthodox church that we wandered into, and then we started to head back.
That morning, before we left we signed up for the dinner that the hostel serves. I think it was something called Proscuiito. It was like a Greek pasta bake. I spent money on that and that morning we also paid the 13 euro for our hostel that night. We went to another bakery on the way back and picked up some snack food; I got some crispy greek pretzels that were only 1.50 for like 10 of them. We just hung out in the hostel for a while until dinner at 8. I captioned some pictures and used the sketchy email that would turn on and off at random. I tried to register for classes, but that didn’t go to well. I emailed some people back at UWEC and hopefully they can help me out.
We went downstairs at 8 for dinner, but it ended up being a little late, so we each had a drink. I had Greek beer, Mythos. It is pretty good beer! We snuck some into the hostel the other night as well😊 Shhhhhhhhh!!!
While we were having our drink we met some guys at the bar. He asked where we were from and he ended up being from Whitefish bay, WI. He also knows Danielle Gossse, who I worked with at Fratellos. SMALL WOLRD! He is studying in Vienna; Mike and Mitch…never got a last name. We also met a guy from Vancouver Canada who was traveling for like 3 ½ months. We got done with dinner and then had another drink, and then went back up to bed. It was a nice day, but both of us are ready to get back to London and then Aberdeen tomorrow!


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