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April 12th 2009
Published: April 17th 2009
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April 12, 2009
Happy Easter! At least back in the states…the Greeks don’t celebrate Easter here until next weekend, the 18th, so no Easter for me this year. 😞Makes me sad…
In the airport we drank beer and played rummy to pass the time and our delay. I bought a beer for 2 Euro, some Oreos for 2.90 and a bottle of water for 1.35. THEN we were also offered a 6 euro voucher at this one store in the airport for our flight being delayed. Of course…right when I buy my other food. I got like 2 crossiant thingys and a chocolate milkshake. We also happened to meet two more Americans, one from Massachussets and the other was studying in Greece. We asked her tons of questions and got some useful information.
The flight was pretty much empty, so I claimed my own row of seats and tried to sleep…which I pretty much did till we landed. Flying over Athens is cool, because you only see the individual lights from each island, so you know where you are flying over. So pretty at night!
After our flight got in at 4:30 we: caught a shuttle to airport; Geneva felt sick on plane; bought a bus ticket for 3.20 to get to Sygtama Square; tried to get taxi; no one would stop for us; Geneva called hostel quite angerly;random man pointed us in the right direction; walked down a sketchy ally, following a sketchy dog that Geneva named Lassie; found the other square where we needed to be, asked a guy in food shop for more directions that finally after hours of walking around Athens Greece at 6:30 am we found; man was super nice; let us check out at one; woke up and showered with about 4 hours of sleep; got taxi to other hostel, Hostel Aphrodite; got to hostel and talked with male Austrailian receptionist who gave us a hard time because we couldn’t find our way around Athens at 5am with no sleep; got to rooms; found coffee shop with directions from receptionist; drank cappuccino; man walked by and called us “Anglo-Saxon” and kept walking; red head and southern “belle” give us away; walked further to find food; found food at Gyro shop, at for 2 Euro…DELICIOUS; all three meals cost 8.20 euro; walked around some more and got lost with very crappy map; southern “belle” wore revealing clothes that got us hollered, honked, whistled and harassed; found way back to hostel; internet for a bit; decided to wander some more; wandered south to where everything was; very tired; bought Greek phrase book; bought Chocolate Frappe; walked back; found bakery; bought ice tea; walked back; got lost; sat down and looked at map; found way back; ate bread we bought at bakery; watched some of that 70’s show in room on my laptop; talked with family on google talk for a bit; got very cute text message from Nate; went downstairs to ask reception questions; signed up for free walking tour at 9:15 tomorrow; went down to bar and got shot of ozou; it was ok….; went back upstairs to get Geneva to come make some decisions with us; went back down to bar; had another shot of ozou, not with grenadine and orange juice like she did the first time; paid 5.50 for mussaka for tomorrow night; ordered pizza and salad that we shared; laughed and laughed at greek phrase book; ate food; came back up to room; I am sick…got a stuffy cold and couldn’t even taste pizza; type up this blog….go to bed…


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