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January 8th 2009
Published: February 19th 2009
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This is the view of the Parthenon from the hostel we stayed at after the family left (It's behind all the aerials). Who says you need to stay in a 5-star place to get great views eh?!
Everybody has now left us and returned to Canada. This is a time for mixed emotions; on one hand the visit from our family, which we had been looking forward to for so long, is now over, but on the other hand we are 1 day away from embarking on our next adventure.

Our last night together was spent in the airport hotel which was quite nice. Mom's bags finally arrived (on the last day of their trip) so we exchanged some gifts that mom had packed for us. She was kind enough to bring us socks, underwear, hot chocolate and Bailey's, books & magazines, everything a backpacker need most! There was a fantastic pool/spa/sauna area at the hotel so we spent the whole night up there enjoying the amenities of a five-star hotel while we still could.

In the morning we got up 4:00am to see the rest off to their flights. We stumbled into the airport and said our goodbyes before stumbling back to the hotel for a few more hours sleep. In the morning, we were nearly harassed in the lobby as we were coming out of the elevator with our backpacks. As we were trying

Goodbye Europe ... Here we come Australia
to check out, one of the hotel workers was marching towards us until I flashed him our room key. He seemed pretty shocked that we were actual guests.

We had one day to kill so we took the bus back into Athens and checked into the same hostel where we spent Christmas day. It was a pretty lazy day but we did muster up enough strength to go out and eat our last authentic lamb gyro and buy the Lonely Planet Australia at a travel bookstore. Last night was spent reading up on our next destination. It really hasn't hit us yet that in mere hours we will be jetting off halfway across the world to a whole new continent, our first trip into the southern hemisphere.

So here we are, our last day in Europe. 25 countries in 185 days. It has been one hell of an adventure and certainly the experience of a lifetime for the both of us. It had been our dream to backpack around Europe and now we have made that dream a reality.

No time to reminisce yet though as our next journey is about to begin. This one is almost more exciting than our trip to Europe in that we are even less prepared this time around than we were before we left home. We have one-way tickets, no money and only vague plans to work at a horse farm somewhere near Brisbane.

This is going to be fun.


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