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July 11th 2008
Published: July 11th 2008
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Peter arrived at 3 in the morning yesterday with only his carryon
but grinning
and so a new chapter of the trip has begun

After the family left
and before peter came
I set off to find the Herekledion museum and
a traveling exhibit of Toulouse Lautrec

I found it
as well as an archeological museum along the way
i mostly stopped in because i was overheating
but soon found what a disadvantage it is to
NOT have my dad on hand to ask questions
"when exactly did the classical greek period start?"
"why does that figurine look Egyptian, were they in contact with the Egyptians?"

more great graffitti
and sprawling wall murals along the way

i found the Herekledion Museum
Well-known artists seem to lose their cliche value
when viewed in an exhibit that spans their entire career and not just
their most famous and popular pieces
most often seen on dorm room walls
the museum also had a small exhibit of
M.C. Escher
who seemed a lot cooler in "real life"

Peter got here and we hit the ground running
after sleeping a mere 3 hours
subwaying to another museum
with an exhibit on Russian avante-garde art
in the same building as ancient Cyclydic art
from the bronze age...
from the nearvy islands...
where's poppy when i need him?

we tried to go to an outdoor movie last night
but got there too late
and so sat on some stairs with
all the cool kids
and watched some other cool kids
skateboard off the steps
inbetween the crowds


12th July 2008

lily I love reading your blog! thanks for get the golden pen award.

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