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May 22nd 2018
Published: May 23rd 2018
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Boy, did I sleep last night. Jet lag is no joke! I decided to make this a relatively easy day for myself. This morning I started with a walk to the Acropolis. It was only 9:30AM but it was scorching hot out. The throngs of other tourists, many on group tours, seemed to suck up all the breeze right out of the air.

Once past the ticket booth, the first site you come across is the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, a stone theater completed in 161 AD. It was used as a venue for music concerts for as many as 5000 people. Think of our most cherished outdoor venues around the US, this Is the design original that provides for the amazing acoustics.

The next ruin is Erechtheion, a Greek temple dedicated to both Athena and Poseidon, built between 421 and 406 BC. There is a porch on one side that instead of using columns to support the roof, it has six draped females or maidens asthe support.

The biggie here is the iconic Parthenon, built in honor of the goddess Athena more than 2000 years ago, and one of the most famous sights in the world. A version of it has stood at the Acropolis since 322AD. Its columns are massive and are made of the smoothest marble. Even in its state of disrepair, it is magnificent.

Exiting the Acropolis, I headed to the Acropolis Museum. Just outside the entrance are glass panels cut into the ground showing an ongoing excavation project. Remnants of an ancient neighborhood were found when construction of the museum began. The glass panels allow you a peek at the archeologists at work doing their Indiana Jones thing. It’s very cool. Inside, this is the museum that houses the original artifacts from the Acropolis and its ruins; the Parthenon friezes that covered the outside of the building and five out of the original six draped women used on the Erechtheion porch. I was there a couple of hours and decided to head back to the hotel.

I worked on my post in the lounge with a great big cappuccino and then just before I was headed back to the rooftop bar, Ang came in and invited me to join her and a couple of colleagues for dinner. It was a great way to end my second day in Greece.

Kalinychta (Goodnight!)

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