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Europe » Greece » Attica » Aegina September 2nd 2022

What is good to know is difficult to learn… ~ Greek Proverb HE SAID... Today we were travelling southwest from Athens to Aegina– by ferry. On arriving at the breakfast room at Hotel Attalos, we were confronted by a large group of excited teenagers on a school trip to Athens. We’d become accustomed to a reasonably quiet and relaxed start to our Athenian days, but this was the polar opposite. The noise was deafening, but the kids were friendly and affable. Their interactions took us right back to our own school trips, where it mattered so much who you sat next to (and who you didn’t sit next to)! School trip politics is so unforgiving. On braving the chaotic madness at the breakfast buffet (talk about herding cats!), I managed to serve myself a bowl of ... read more
ferry to aegina
ferry to aegina
ferry in aegina

Europe » Greece » Attica » Aegina June 30th 2014

La première nuit à bord de Nereus s’est bien passée. Il faut évidemment s’habituer aux petits bruits inévitables à bord d’un bateau. Par contre, nous nous serions passé du feu d’artifice à 2h30 du matin ! Ce matin, les Montpetit (sur leur bateau Naias) ont un problème avec l’une de leurs voiles. Le réparateur est sur place mais notre départ est retardé. En attendant que les Montpetit soient prêts à partir, nous décidons de prendre un peu d’avance et de faire un petit détour vers Salamine, Pascale voulant voir le site de la fameuse bataille. Malheureusement, c’est aujourd’hui un site pétrolier mais l’imagination de Pascale a fait le reste. Vers 15h, les réparations abord de Naias étant terminées, nous mettons le cap sur Égine. Étant donné l’heure, il n’y a plus de place à quai. Nous ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Aegina August 15th 2013

Athens One Day Cruise to Hydra, Poros and AeginaLeft hotel at 7.45am and travelled by coach to the Port of Piraeus where we boarded a very comfortable day cruiser, Platyera. It has 3 levels with a very nice a air conditioned dining room. The first island, Hydra is the smallest and there are no cars, motor bikes or bicycles (that we could see) on the island. A delightful and busy little port. Beautiful lane ways and shops typical of a small tourist resort. There were also delicious looking fruit & veg shops up the alleyways.The water is amazingly deep, clear and blue. People were swimming everywhere along the short bit of coastline that we walked. Apart from the signs for Margaritas, which made us instantly think of Lawrence, the most entertaining part of the visit was ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Aegina June 23rd 2011

So where were we? The next stop on our tour of old stuff in Athens was Hadrian's library, which is actually a collection of multiple buildings (a bath, church, homes, and a library). We decided to go after 2nd nap which put us at about 1:30 in the afternoon. This is not an ideal time to be outside in Athens in June. For the first time in our lives we busted out the umbrellas on a crystal clear day in an vain attempt to avoid heat stroke. Proof positive we live in North Dakota. The site had remnants of a fresco from a church that made use of some of the ruins as well as a tile mosaic floor with a hearts motif (perhaps made by ancient teenage girls?). The library was just a pile of ... read more
Proof we're from ND
D getting in the water

Europe » Greece » Attica » Aegina April 23rd 2010

Going to Aegina could have been a low point, or just the most hilarious point of our travels. It started out like a great adventure—Greek yogurt and honey for breakfast, then metro to the taxi to the port. When the taxi driver asked us which gate at the port we wanted to go to, we all enjoyed replying “anywhere…” We found tickets pretty easily—10 euro tickets on a boat that left in half an hour to Aegina, the island that was closest to Athens. We had spent about 2.5 minutes looking it up the night before and Denise had scrawled the name of a Hotel that looked really cheap but had really great reviews on the island, and was right next to the supposedly best beach on the island, although we didn’t know if we’d really ... read more
Army invasion on our ship!
Apparently people were dropping out of this helicopter
Our living quarters

Europe » Greece » Attica » Aegina July 17th 2008

Coming towards the end of my time here in Greece, I had to take everyone's advice and visit the islands. I am very glad I did, for this place was beautiful! A key piece of advice though, buy your boat tickets early. I wanted to see some of the more famous islands of Greece, but alas, all tickets were sold out. However, there is a very easy access island by ferry only 45 minutes one way, Aegina. The island was great and really gave me a different view of Greece besides the major city of Athens. The ferry ride was pleasant enough, and going through the Mediterranean was really nice. Once I arrived, I have now come to find another place that if offered a job, I just may take it on the spot. Thus far, ... read more
The sea, making a pleasant view
The island of Aegina
The dock entering the town

Europe » Greece » Attica » Aegina May 23rd 2008

Bienvenido a Grecia......Aegina Island!!!! sol maravilloso que nos calienta!!!!! ....Finalmente llegue a Grecia, por Atenas pase solo para dejar rastro y me vine directo a la Isla de Aegina.....Hace 1 semana que llegue y todo ha sido increible....El hotel donde vivo y trabajo se llama En el puerto me recibio Irene (Irini) y la Tia Athula (el sonido "TH" en griego es una "O" con una raya en el medio....anyway....Irini y Niko son los propietarios o mas bien co-propietarios de este hotel por que Mr.Gianis sigue vivo y muy vivo, tiene 88 anos y tiene mas energia que yo, no se si es la dieta mediterranea o el aire puro y fresco de esta isla pero es increible verlo trabajar y moverse todos los dias, es medio peleon y por ahi se gritan en ... read more
On the boat to Aegina Island
This is what i do....Leaving a trace behind
Aegina Island

Europe » Greece » Attica » Aegina March 21st 2008

Our next and finally stop is the island of Aegina. This is the largest of the Saronic Gulf islands and known for it tasty pistachios (yes, I ate some). This is the most populated island that we have visited today. We disembark from the boat. The day is coming to an end, the colors of the fading sunlight are really special on this charming town as they reflect on the water. At the end of the pier is a delightful chapel, in honor of St. Nicholas, patron saint of sailors. We walk along the harbor and see many stray dogs enjoying the sun. There is a lot more life on Aegina, we see more fishermen, produce stands and half empty tavernas. We walk through the maze of small homes and businesses to a lovely Orthodox church. ... read more
Pam on Boat
Aegean Lighthouse
Aegean Sea Cliffs

Europe » Greece » Attica » Aegina December 7th 2007

Have you ever been there? Aegina... with Souvala, Agia Marina... ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Aegina April 20th 2007

Island CruiseJulie J Vanover So today, I took a Greek ferry and the good new is it didn't sink! I did a one day excursion to a Greek Island called Aegina. Now it is definitely no Santorini (which is what I really wanted to see but it was just too long of a ferry) but it was cute. There were too different ruins in it, one the Sanctuary of Aphaia had a really nice temple that was quite beautiful. Then I went to the beach and I really wanted to swim in the Mediterranean for the first time, but there were no lockers or anything to put my stuff so I just waded around and walked the beach. There were tons of teenagers on some school trip everywhere! Yesterday I went to the Archeology Museum here ... read more
Acropolis at Night
Sanctuary of Aphaia

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