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October 16th 2012
Published: October 20th 2012
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We left Mahon after spending a few days sorting ourselves out, a few jobs, some school and getting to know Freddie, Tim and Mia and Alessia. Alcohol consumption has re-risen to Sally and Richard days but the Pomardo (Mahon gin and Fanta lemon) just need to be regularly sampled! Samuel enjoyed a sleepover with the girls aboard Open Blue and was on very best behaviour. We left Mahon for Cala En P... Read Full Entry

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20th October 2012

Peg face competition is on!!!
Yo Duncan's more great adventures loved reading your entries Cameron well done and how exciting to read all the amazing things you are seeing and learning. I would have been scared stiff having monkeys running all over me! The competirion is on for when you get back on who can get the most pegs on thier face!!!!I'm already practicing!!Looking forward to hearing more and will start looking at where we can meet up next year on your travels???Must love and adventurous kisses Liz & co xxxxxx
21st October 2012

Hello from the Duncans
Guys, So sorry that we have taken so long to get back to you. We are still weatherbound in Gibraltar, which is getting a little tiresome but we have hired a car and been to Ronda (nice), Marbella (disappointingly not at all TOWIE or glam), Seville (stunning) and Malaga (airport pretty much the same as every other set-down at every other airport!). That said the technical woes have nearly been resolved and we are ready to head out into the Atlantic and the next leg - if the hull is not anchored to the bottom after all the weed-growth having been here 10 days or so. It would be lovely to see you all. How about quitting work for a week or two and coming to see us? We think we are going to ramp down our programme for the Caribbean as the kids are finally meeting other ARC kids and beginning to enjoy being live-aboards. If we charge off like headless chickens at the other end they will distance themselves from all that. Why not see when you are likely to be free and we can then try to judge where we are likely to be. Sounds like work is going great for all of you. Well done all the Cs industrious at both school and the office. The boys find “boat-school” a pretty hard concept to grasp and the head-mistress finds it perhaps even more stressful. Liz, she'd love to have some female company as it's all a bit willies and bums with all boys on board! Try to get her on skype (luluduncan1), particularly in the next week or so if we're still here as the iPad is nearly always online. I’ll get Cameron to respond separately to Aidy. Again our apologies for being so late in responding and thank you so much for your messages. Lots of love, The Duncans xxx
20th October 2012

Hi Boys, Looks great and seems really fun aswell Hope you're all having loads of laughs!! See you soon Aidan
26th October 2012

Hi Aidan
Hi Aidan did you see the monkey on my back and the lizard to, we have met lots of friends we have seen dolphins to we have had BBQs on the beach and played in sandduens seen jelly fish gone swimming and had loads of fun. my Email is:
21st October 2012

It looks like its about to get exciting
We love the pictures. Boys amazed to see a lizard on Cameron's back never mind the monkeys. Zoe would like that. Life here much as usual. Rugby going well. Missing Cameron's drive!
29th October 2012

Enjoying reading the weekly summary from the team. Really missing it all. Enjoying the life but looking forward to being back on the side lines next Sept. love to all
23rd October 2012

Dear All Loving your blogs and pictures - please keep them coming. Love the picture of the boys ice skating - we too have been ice skating recently for Poppy's birthday - think I'm a natural!! Boys looking really full of life and very healthy. Keep having fun and stay safe. Love Jackie & Family xx
23rd October 2012

Dear Ploughmans
Thanks for continuing to follow our exploits. The boys miss all their BSPS buddies, including the girls, and looking forward to seeing you all again soon. Samuel took to skating, Cameron took a little longer. Understand it is pretty cold at home and while the weather is poor we are not taking the 21 degrees for granted yet. It would be lovely to see you all if you could escape... Half term is coming...? Best wishes, Gill & The gang x
26th October 2012

News to the girls
Dear Girls, We are in Gibraltar. We are going to sail to the Caribbean for Christmas where it will be nice and sunny. We have school every day on the boat in the morning. There are children aboard other boats that we play with. They are from England and New Zealand and Australia. What are you doing for half-term? How was school. Samuel x

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