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June 12th 2012
Published: June 12th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Its late at night so please excuse this hasty blog. I thought to myself...you know what...Ive kept silent about this subject for 4 years ... I was called many names for trying to come up with different theories about what happened to Madeleine McCann.

I even managed to speak to Richard Branson for 8 minutes and 26 seconds...at the time I said...I believe the McCanns were INNOCENT of the disappearance of their daughter...(he gave 100 000 pounds the next day to the Madeleine McCann legal fund) But Ive had time to think whilst I was in the clink surrounded by the worst kind of sex offenders you can possibly imagine...(thats a whole different story for another time)

I've analysed it carefully the whole case from beginning to end and Ive got a new opion on the case. A friend of mine in Wandsworth would pray in the chapel for Madeleine McCanns return or a resolving of the mystery...for the sake of those who became emotionally involved in the case...

I mean...I cant believe I actually went down to Praia de Luz AND GAVE A SHIT4. BOTH KATE AND GERRY HAVE not TAKEN A LIE DETECTOR TEST... A DYED IN THE WOOL, INDEPENDENT POLYGRAPH TEST WHICH NOW IS AROUND 96 PERCENT ACCURATE.What would Jeremey Kyle say?... nothing to hide... nothing to fear... if they are truely innocent then it has to be done...

5. Why in Gods name is the Priest of the church which Kate made her confession all of a sudden refusing to take her confession.(AGAIN IF THE PAPERS ARE TO BE BELIEVED)..that alone would tell the Portuguese people...ahh! its so bad that not even the priest can take the confession... that is probaly why these books came out slagging off the Mc Canns...because the Portuguese are very family orientated and this is a great insult to their country...if the McCanns are lying...

These are hard things to ask the McCanns because they have already been through a lot. I know something of losing your childrne because I was falsely accused by my wife and even though Ive won my case and proved my wife was and is a damned liar... I still havnt seen my kids...!

In one way...I think Ive suffered more... Ive had 3 kids abducted from me by the social services and my ex wife... kidnapped... !and its hard... oh...and despite everything Ive done for the McCanns... Ive not had a word of thanks from them!... thats another reason I think I may have been wrong and Sherlock may be right... they never even lifted their little finger to come to my rescue when I was in trouble... I just dont get their non-human behavior...this for me doesnt fit...THIS IS THE BIGGEST MISSING LINK IN THE WHOLE CHAIN...

So its 4 am...and Im not in the right frame of mind to carry on talking... in my short 50 page book there were many more points I wrote down... I just cant think of all of them off the cuff... but these are the main ones...

If on the other hand... Madeleine was abducted by someone who looked at her at the resort whilst they were on holiday...and thought... " its our little lost girl"... come back to life... and then proceeded to plan an abduction... its possible... then Ill have to say... Ok.. Im sorry, I was wrong.

But in truth...these are theonly two theories I believe are plausible enough to consider.

It wasnt aliens that abducted her for medical experiments ...or free masons... or Gaddafi...or some oil rich sheikh... or some medicine man in nigeria... no ... Ive explored all the possibilites...

and this is plain and simple... its motive... finally, ive been around sex offenders and Maddy was too young... besides...if a ring wanted her for sexual purposes there are plenty of alternatives ..for example 250 million of them in Eastern Europe.Russia, Ukraine etc... no this if it was an abduction was an opportunistic one ...Madeleine was abducted by a male or female for a purpose... ie her looks. she looked like someone the kidnapper knew.In fact it was a spitting image that compelled whoever ...to grab the child at all costs... !!!

This was probably a holiday maker who made the decision off the cuff on the spur of the moment... who was probably staying or woring at the resort at the time... any true detective agency would look into this and look at Madeleine look alike and link them to tragic deaths or disappearnces...or abductions... ( whether by social services or someone else)... so thats it.If they have been lying all this time and this possibbility is correct and the McCanns are guilty as sin... they will have a lot to answer for... its also a big egg on the face of the establishment if they have been lying to all of us....

Im tired and Im gonna hit the sack... Ill probably come back and edit this blog...but I just wanted to get it out... because Ive put too much energy into this problem not for their to be a solution...if they are in denial...its time they came out of it... and let the truth set them free... if they are indeed innocent its time to go the extra mile..".its elementary my dear watson!"...Rock n Roll...hey!

good night.

a haiku for madeleine

butterfly moments

smiling silence sings serene

memories of love.


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