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Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia June 26th 2015

Day 103 Wednesday 24 June Cologne - Bonn - Cologne 21c fine, some wind We left about 10.30 and walked up to the light rail station which is less than a kilometre from the house and caught the tram into Cologne Central. Then we caught another tram that took us the 30 km to Bonn. When we arrived in Bonn we walked almost straight from the tram into the market place where they had a food market with really good looking vegetables and fruit. It was also the town square where the town hall is. It is a very attractive building, white and gold. Around the square are some buildings that were once part of the palace and are very also attractive. We walked down some narrow streets to Beethoven's house. This is where he was ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Berchtesgaden June 26th 2015

Friday 26 June 2012 The village we are staying in (Weissbach) is only a thirty minute drive to Berchtesgaden National Park. The weather looked perfect for some mountaineering. The drive to our starting point was spectacular. A new alpine scene around every corner. Lush green alpine meadows and no animals to enjoy the freshness of the grass. All the cows are tucked away in their barns. The grass gets cut for feed, either as silage, hay or cut grass. The cows are not allowed to spoil the look of the fields by walking on them. Steep rugged rock faces soar skyward with pine trees hanging on for dear life. Every now and then there is the perfectly placed carpark for that perfect photo. First stop on the tour was Berchtesgaden to visit the Tourist Office, which ... read more
The Eagles Nest
The Eagles Nest
The Eagles Nest

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Weissbach June 25th 2015

Thursday 25 June 2015 It was a short night in our hotel near London Stansted Airport, but when our alarm rang we were up and away to meet our 5.45am taxi, ready to catch the early Ryanair flight back to Menningen Airport in Germany. Stansted Airport was a sea of would-be or have-just-been travellers all moving through space at breakneck speed. We made an excellent job of keeping up at first, but ground to a halt in the queue for security clearance. Military manoevres or even stock handling came to mind as orders were spat out to try and control the flow of intending travellers. Yesterday's thorough pat down was a fond memory as the finer detail of almost every garment put on this morning was checked and shoes taken away for testing. Feeling quite relieved ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria June 25th 2015

Day 07. A 05:30 start to the day and off to the airport for a nice short trip to Munich to meet up again with the Reids and to drink a few steins of the good stuff. We arrived at midday and found our way to the hotel with no problems. The cobblestone streets are not uber friendly for rolling suitcases. Hotel Eder was to be our base for the next three nights. They are really proud of their old wide timber stair case and it does look lovely, just not so much when they put you on the top floor and you have to cart your bags up there. We had a little laze around in the room until, BAM, the Reids turn up with pretzels on their minds and euros in their pockets. No ... read more
More old bell towers
Beer time
Got any bigger

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia June 24th 2015

Day 96 Thursday 18 June Hereford to London 21c fine some cloud After breakfast which was quite good we checked out the money card to find we had more left on it than we thought which was good news. We headed off to the Cotswolds and were going along well until we ran into one of the traffic queues we had heard about. It took us about an hour or more to go 5 miles. Eventually we got out of it and found it was caused by workmen mowing the verges. The first place we got to was Burton on the Water which was very pretty but overrun by the coach tours including about 200 Asian teenagers in very formal school uniform. There was a public footpath that ran along beside the Windrush River so we ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin June 24th 2015

The flight across the United States and over the Atlantic Ocean was excruciating almost unbearable, however, the arrival onto Frankfort and then Berlin made it all worth the wait. Once I arrived at Frankfort my emotions became enthusiastic about all the differences between America and Germany. The airports in Los Angeles and Frankfort were very similar; they both had malls inside of the terminals, which I thought was very modern and luxurious. Once I arrived in Berlin nerves began to settle in. I was out of my comfort zone not being able to communicate with people in the manner in which I am so accustomed to. Also being a tourist I didn’t want to be victim of people taking advantage of my inability to understand my surroundings. The first place I need to find was a ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bad Worishofen June 23rd 2015

Tuesday 23 June 2015 Our adventures in this part of Germany are coming to an end but we haven't had time to check out the local town. So with a hint of sun and no rain in sight we took the opportunity to chill out and wander the streets of Bad Worishofen. This town is a spa town with a large number of hotels and many people here to "take the waters". So a short drive into the town, find a carpark, and explore. We had a great chat with a gentleman also using the carpark. He lives in Augsburg, a town about 60 kilometres away. From what he was saying it would be worth adding it to the wish list, perhaps when visiting Munich again. It is a town with a lot of history, going ... read more
Bad Worishofen
Bad Worishofen
Bad Worishofen

Europe » Germany » Bavaria June 23rd 2015

And so it was just the two of us left now, found the source of the Donau/Danube, we trundled off early from Donauschingen after licking our wounds from the 13 hour ordeal two days before, and next stop Fridigen. On route the Danube 'disappears' underground and resurfaces some 12km away in Aach. We found a few places that this was visible and accessible, however we also find its not the entire river but instead a portion. It does however resurface at 10 000litres a hour, so not inconsiderable. The pathway to Fridigen was great, shaded by trees, no traffic, surrounded by mountains with the clear Danube accompanying us most of the way. The town was a little non descript so we were up and off again, back in the saddle early to Beuron. The only place ... read more
Donau disappears
Mountians and spectacular pathway
Typical countryside

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Augsburg June 22nd 2015

The next part of my travels after Salzburg was definitely the most authentic. I left Salzburg and crossed five minutes into Germany and met up with my German friends I met in Ireland, Sarah and Eva. For the first day and night, I stayed at Eva’s home. This was authentic Bavarian and I fell in love with the view and peacefulness. I could easily sit out there and enjoy good coffee and beer for the rest of my life. The night at Eva’s, I really got an authentic Bavarian experience when we went to a beer tent. It was simply a tent in the middle of a field, but filled with picnic tables squashed all together and lots and lots of Bavarian people dressed in their traditional clothes of lederhosen and drindles. There was also a ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 22nd 2015

My last destination on my three weeks of travel was the Bavarian capital of Munich. I came into Munich from Augsburg in the afternoon and simply went for a walk around the city before grabbing dinner after having checked into my LAST hostel! I walked through the main part of the old city and went around Marienplatz and looked in at some churches. My second day in Munich started with going out to the Olympic Park and climbing Olympic hill in order to get a great view of the city and some mountains in the distance. After climbing the hill, I went through the BMW Welt, which is a showroom with all the latest models, and dreamed about the day I might be buying one. After going through the showroom, I went to the BMW Museum ... read more

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