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Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne February 4th 2007

I am back from a weekend in Cologne visiting my friend Jeremy. Two of the guys I work with (Phil and Jim) came along, so it was a bit of a ZPro reunion. Although I had been to Cologne in the summer, it was really fun to go back at another time of year to see how the city changes with the seasons. We were very lucky in that all of Europe is in a warm spell, so we were not subject to freak snowstorms or bitter winds off the Rhine. Quite a relief. And sorry – no photos of this trip. I frankly just didn’t get around to taking any. So – first things first. I arrived late Friday evening, about an hour after Phil and Jim because Zurich has these crazy rules about too ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich February 4th 2007

Day 19 Sunday 4th February 2007 A very early morning as we were going via Mauthausen and Mondsee on our way to Munich, Germany. Mauthausen was one of the worst concentration camps during WW2. Adolf Hitler was born in Austria, his father was in the military and Adolf was to follow in his fathers footsteps. His father died when he was 14 and his mother died when he was 18. His mother was under the care of a Jewish Doctor and some believe this is where his hatred of the Jewish race started. Hitler believed the Germans were the best race and deserved the best. He saw that the German government wasn’t doing enough for its people after WW1, when Germany was in a great depression. Hitler made promises to the Germans that he would improve ... read more
Neuschwanstein - Disney Castle
The Salt and Pepper Church

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Trier February 3rd 2007

Here is the text that you have already read but here are some pics to go along with it. I will post Heidelberg and Switzerland pics soon!!! Love an miss you guys!! Trier was about a 3 hour train ride from Neubruke. We got there at about 11:30 on Saturday morning. The first thing we saw was a huge foot and we continued to see these feet throughout Trier. I think it was supposed to be a replica of a foot that used to be on a huge statue of Constantine a long time ago. Jules and I licked the toes of one of them. We also saw a site called the Porta Nigra. Trier used to be a completely walled city and the Porta Nigra was the main gate into it. Then we went to ... read more
The Porta Nigra
Dom (Cathedral)
Dom (Cathedral)

Europe » Germany February 2nd 2007

Hey all, I got an address! Check it AO! So yea, thought I'd share. Heather Walter Camp Adventure CYS CMR 405 box # 7933 APO-AE 09034-7933 Long work week this week, but things are going much better in the classroom. I'm getting used to the kids, and they are excellent! I work extra tonight, coverage for a ball. Off to Trier on Saturday to see Pascal! I'm stoked. Okay, off to work I go! Tschuess!... read more

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Dresden February 1st 2007

What a great place. We arrived into Dresden by train from Berlin, and walked across town to find our hostel. It was dark and raining, and we nearly got blown off the bridge into the Elbe, but it was fun! We found Homestay Lollis pretty easily, and knew instantly that we wanted to stay for a few nights. The reception staff were so friendy and helpful, and the dorm was warm, comfortable and nicely decorated, with lace drapes and cuddly toys tied to each bed. Claire was very happy! On our first night we met an Australian girl called Emma, who happened to come from the same suburb that I (Ciara) stayed in in Melbourne, and went to the same school as Amy Teasdale, the girl I stayed with out there. Small world. Emma was really ... read more

Europe » Germany January 30th 2007

The cool thing about living in Well is that its right near the border of Germany. Also, there is virtually no border control so you don't have to worry about awkward moments going through customs on a bike. This means that if one is equipped with a bicycle and has some time on one's hands one could certainly visit Germany. One could and one DID. I'm exhausted now. And I have to do four hours of Tai Chi in Acting class tomorrow. The bike riding combined with the Tai Chi and the stairs I'm constantly going up and down is really going to get me in shape. Thank god. Anyway, we (Nicole and I) made it to a little town called Weeze after a couple hours of getting lost and wondering what country we were even ... read more
Map detail
The biking party
Long and winding road

Europe » Germany January 30th 2007

So, I arrived back in Germany with only minor delays. I had trouble getting out of Omaha, but at least got to go back home and hang out until my rescheduled flight. As usual, it was a long day traveling, and I was exhausted when I got in. I was on the flight with another girl from Iowa, and our supervisor Ryan ended up picking us up at the airport and we were the last interns in. There are 17 interns plus our supervisor, so definitely a bunch of us!! I am living in the barracks, and sharing a bathroom with Ryan. We have one kitchen per floor, so that kinda stinks. Our housing is about 20 min. from the main post, so we have to take the military bus into work everyday. Not much is ... read more
The room

Europe » Germany January 29th 2007

Well here is what will become our travel blog. We are traveling to visit friends in Huttenfeld, Germany. While there we hope to explore some of Germany with them and we know that we will be going to Paris together. Wendy would say that I am obsessed with all things travel related and she is probably right. I found the site One Bag and have been trying to tailor our packing lists to a combination of his suggestions and Rick Steves ideas.... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin January 28th 2007

Berlin, in fact the whole of Germany, was not in our original itineray, but we are so glad we went! Having realised in Vilnius that we hadn't left enough time to use the Interrail card before meeting our Mum (Claire and Michelle) we decided to postpone it and make a detour into Germany. We arrived in Berlin on a broken train from Warsaw, so for half of the seven hour journey our carriage had no heating and no emergency brake (!) When we crossed the border we were told to move into a working carriage because it was against Germany safety restrictions to stay in the carriage (the Poles hadn't minded!) We shared an eight bed dorm room with a crazy Italian and a bitchy Italian, who made our stay memorable. The crazy Italian turned out ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Düsseldorf January 28th 2007

Ok are a few pictures from the first week and such. I havent taken many bc I didnt want to look too much like a tourist on my first week. I miss you all a whole BUNCH and cant wait to hear from you! Take care and LOVE YOU!!! bis spater! (see you later) Chels read more

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