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Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin December 26th 2014

Merry Christmas!!!! I couldn’t believe the day was finally upon us, and I woke up missing my family so much. It’s the first Christmas that I’ll be away from home, but it’s the same for Adam. We’re out here to have a great time and our parent would want us to do the same, so we had to get past these feelings and get on with our day. I woke up to Adam shaking me up, at 10 in the morning… I had made the decision to go to bed at 6 am earlier that day, but Adam decided to just get on with his day, so he had stayed up all night. He told me that he had already gone off on his own and done some exploring, and that he wanted to get in ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin December 26th 2014

We woke up today just in time to make the breakfast buffet that our hotel had for all of its guests. It’s about 14 euros, but I guess it was worth it because it did have some excellent food for everyone to enjoy. There were a variety of breads, cheeses, and hams, followed by creams, nutella, and peanut butter in the slot next to the sandwich area. 3 types of cereal were laid out right next to the hot food platters, which had pancakes, eggs, and sausages all hot and ready for consumption. Finally they had a yogurt station, with 5 different kinds off flavored yogurt and an assortment of toppings. Needless to say, I got my money’s worth…. Adam was struggling to get in more food because he told me that he hasn’t been eating ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Dinkelsbühl December 25th 2014

Heute am ersten Weihnachtsfeiertag habe ich mit meiner Mutter und meinem Bruder die von Lonely Planet sehr empfohlene Stadt Dinkelsbühl angesehen. Wir sind über die A6 in etwa einer guten Stunde in die Stadt gefahren. Dann haben wir uns die Altstadt mit dem Münster St. Georg, dem Marktplatz, der evangelischen Kirche, mehreren Stadttoren und der Stadtmauer angesehen. Danach sind wir wieder nach Hause gefahren.... read more
Rothenburger Tor.
Segringer Straße.
Historisches Gasthaus.

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Hohenschwangau December 25th 2014

What's Europe without Castles? This particular day trip was my sister's suggestion (such a romantic, I tell you) and was on our way to Western Austria, our next stop. With that in mind, we left Munich after breakfast around 10 AM, with the aim to reach Schloss Neuschwanstein by noon. The Schloss Neuschwanstein (Schloss means castle) is a castle built in the 18th century by the Swan King of Bavaria, King Ludwig the II. The story behind the Swan King is very interesting. He is called the Swan King because he had a love for swans far greater than that for his people probably. He also ensured that the years and years over which he had his dream castle constructed, he placed it next to a swan lake, and had swan like designs on major gates, ... read more
Entering the castle
Castle entrance
Castle entry way

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich December 25th 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!! I hope you had a good one with lots of love. This will probably be the shortest post I've ever done - at least in recent memory! You know what I did for Christmas? I slept, I read, I worked on my personal projects. That's it. I never left the room - it was raining anyway. I ordered my Christmas lunch of Hungarian goulash and apple strudel, having some of my expensive Italian wine I brought from France. It was yummy. Later that evening (much later, actually), I got to video chat with my family! That was definitely the best part of the whole day. My parents, both sisters and their husbands and my niece and nephews! They were super adorable. My niece, who has never once been talkative on the chat, was ... read more
One of my favorite bottles of wine ever!

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bayerisch Eisenstein December 25th 2014

It's Christmas Day and unfortunately it is not snowing, so no white Christmas for us. After a cruisey morning and light lunch we set off for Zelenza Ruda across the border in Czech Rep. Goodness knows what they are trying to portray directly across the border but it is absolute tack. The immediate street has cheap Asian markets of soccer tops, back packs, gnomes, animals and so much more awful looking stuff. Not just one, but several with all the same stuff. Good word that. Stuff. Add to that a Casino and a "gentleman's club" and you really wonder about the country because it's not a good introduction. Anyway, we veered away from the dross and headed up a hill with berg path markers on it intending to get to the town of Zelenza Ruda. We ... read more
Christmas dinner 2014 for TTATs
A closer look. Very nice

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin December 25th 2014

Woke up to Adam shaking me up at 10 am... I only got 4 hours of sleep and he had gotten none, except he was somehow energized. Both of our sleeping cycles are off, but his is different from mine. He had drank a lot of coffee and had seen a lot of significant monuments already, like the Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Dome, and he wanted me to get up so I can see them as well.... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin December 24th 2014

I woke up around 11 am, and Adam was still asleep. I had no idea that check out was at noon that day, and we got a call at 12:04 pm from the reception desk, kindly asking us to hurry up because they were expecting other guests later that day. We frantically packed everything we had and hurried down to the desk, because we weren't about to get fined for something like a late check out that's for sure. On the way to the central station, Adam realized that his backpack was missing, which contained his passport, computer, and all of his euros.... It's been awhile since I've seen him panic like this, but it was completely understandable because he had so many important things in that backpack. We hurried back to the hotel, praying that ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bayerisch Eisenstein December 24th 2014

We discovered that where we walked the other day had an animal park in the national park and we hadn't realised it. It was only a short train ride to Ludwigsthal to the well sign posted trail. The problem with having all the signs in German is that they are the only ones who can read them. We set off up the trail and came upon a neolithic cave inhabited by homo sapiens in the ancient past. They reconstructed it with animal art and had a short video showing inside the cave. This did have the option of English. Further up the hill were large paddocks for hairy beasts like highland cattle and hairy donkeys. This was no doubt because of the cold that they had thick coats. Best of all though was the enclosure for ... read more
The Flussweg trail from Ludwigsthal to Eisenstein
Christmas Eve dinner with fellow Bavarian Holiday residents

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich December 24th 2014

Christmas Eve in Munich…. aaah…. It was a lovely day, colder than I was led to believe though! I walked from my hotel back to the main square for the last day of the Christmas Market to find some more gifts and enjoy the atmosphere. I seriously love these things. Most of you know that I'm not really a huge fan of crowds. They make me cranky. And this place was crowded. I got there early enough though so that I was able to get my food and drink easily. I got a punsch from one of the first vendors, who put some cut up fruit in as well as the alcohol. By far the best I've had. I next bought two sandwiches of thinly sliced pancetta on rye bread for my meals later from a ... read more
My beer and christmas market souvenirs
Typical hot wine vendor
The daily "joust"

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