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May 15th 2015
Published: May 15th 2015
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This morning I did some odds and ends around Aachen before hitting the road. I needed a new electric plug adapter because mine doesn't fit in some of these German outlets. I'm not sure why. I also had to buy a sticker for my car that allows me to enter certain city centers in this country. The fee I paid is meant to offset the air pollution caused by the car. At least I think that is what it is for. Anyway, I am cleared for entry to German cities now! I drove to Bonn, primarily because my father was stationed there for a brief time in April 1945. The only comment he made about Bonn is that it had not been as badly damaged as Aachen. I wandered around the pedestrianized downtown area and enjoyed a frozen yogurt while I sat in the sun and watched the people pass by. I took a picture of the Beethoven monument (see picture) . Ludwig van was born in Bonn. The only other picture I took all day was of the large church on the central square, so I will include it here just to give you something to look at (see picture). I left Bonn by crossing the Rhine River on an huge suspension bridge high above the water. Seventy years ago my father crossed the Rhine at Bonn on a pontoon bridge just above the water level.


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